Rivian Waypoint Chargers Are Coming to Tennessee State Parks

Genevieve Fraser
· 3 min read
It's no secret that
electric vehicles
(EVs) require charging ports to power up. But, unlike gas stations, charging ports aren't available on every corner.
While planning long treks, EV owners must plan carefully to ensure they can always find power in a pinch.
Lucky for Tennesseans, Rivian is partnering with state parks from
to simplify how electric car owners travel.
Whether commuting to work, or exploring a great new hiking trail, Rivian intends to make their line of vehicles and charging stations more accessible to those who love travel and adventure.

Rivian is changing the way electric car owners enjoy the great outdoors

The Rivian R1T shows that off-roading and electric aren’t mutually exclusive.
While many electric automakers are building a network of charging stations throughout the US, Rivian is changing the status quo.
The company has rolled out the R1T pickup truck and R1S sport utility vehicle (SUV), both of which are designed to embrace an off-roading lifestyle.
Rivian is taking things up a notch as the company expands its fleet of chargers, and the move is very on-brand.
According to
, in addition to the typical charging locations embraced by other industry leaders, Rivian is adding hundreds of chargers to unique destinations like kayaking areas, hiking trailheads, and mountain bike trails to support folks looking for a truly sporty electric SUV experience.
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Rivian's charging networks are as unique as their vehicles

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's charging stations span two different networks: Waypoint and Adventure.
Waypoints are designed as a more urban-centered option. Over 10,000 of these will be located near highly-frequented hubs like shopping centers, hotels, eateries, and parks by the end of 2023.
The best part? Waypoints will be equipped with universal plugs so folks with other brands of EVs can use them, too!
For super fast, on-the-go charging, Rivian offers the Adventure Network alternative.
These Level 3 charging stations are able to pack up to 140 miles of range into just a quick, 20 minute stop, perfect for road trips. According to Rivian, over-the-air updates can potentially improve this already-impressive rate.
Locating a charging station is as easy as using the Rivian app or tapping directly into the system from the touchscreen in your Rivian vehicle.
By the end of 2023, more than 600 sites across North America should house a total of roughly 3,500 chargers among them.

State park access could begin in 2021

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Tennessee is not the first state to partner with Rivian in a plan to install EV charging ports in the great outdoors.
explains that the electric automaker announced plans to place their chargers off the beaten path in Colorado state parks earlier this year.
Rivian will reportedly shoulder the costs of installation and will maintain and update the new Waypoint chargers across each of Tennessee’s 56 state parks as necessary for the next decade.
Although Waypoints can’t charge your EV quite as quickly as the Level 3’s featured on Rivian’s Adventure Network, they do offer the huge benefit of multi-brand access.
A shorter stop at the Waypoints should be sufficient if your vehicle needs a quick top-up boost, but if you really need to fill up, a few hours (which you would spend taking in the beautiful scenery anyway) will do the trick.
Grab your camping gear and start planning for your next
epic road trip
. Drivers can hope to begin using these new charging stations as early as this Fall!

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