How to Renew Your Driver's License in Oregon

It costs $40 to renew an Oregon driver’s license, and you can complete the process online, by mail, or in person at the DMV.
Written by Michelle Ballestrasse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Depending on your eligibility, you can renew your
driver’s license online, by mail, or in person. Regardless of how you renew, you’ll need to pay a $40 fee for a standard driver’s license ($70 for a Real ID) and wait about two weeks for the replacement to be mailed to you. 
Renewing your license is nobody’s idea of a good time, but thanks to the internet, it’s not the tedious trip down to the DMV or the lengthy wait to renew by mail that it once was. You can renew your license online, in person, or by mail, but how you do so may differ in Oregon from how it’s done in other states. And there are circumstances you have to meet to be eligible for each of these available processes.
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When to renew your driver’s license in Oregon

Oregon driver’s license
has an expiration date listed on the front of the card to the right of your picture, just below your registered mailing address.
You must keep the DMV notified about your current address because they will send you an alert by mail that your license is expiring exactly two months before the expiration date. So either keep an eye out for that notice or stay aware of your license’s expiration date, so you can be prepared to renew.
You can renew your license up to 12 months before or 2 years after your license expires. If more than two years have elapsed, you’ll have to apply for a new license, pay the original fee, and retake the appropriate tests before you’re issued a new one.
If you’re out of state, you’ll have to contact the DMV via telephone or check the DMV’s website to see if you’re eligible to renew online.

How to renew your driver’s license in Oregon

Depending on eligibility, you may renew your license online, by mail, or in person. While online seems the easiest option, it’s not the most readily available, and there are certain conditions you have to meet to be eligible.

Renew your license online

If your license is not revoked,
, or canceled in Oregon or any state, and as long as you can pay your renewal fee with a debit or credit card, you can renew your license online. In addition, you may be eligible if you:
  • Have a photo on file with the DMV that is less than nine years old
  • Are keeping your current photo, weight, and height
  • Have
    changed your address
    and can provide proof
  • Do not want or need a Real ID
  • Do not have a farm or hazmat endorsement
  • Are not adding or removing restrictions or endorsements
Head to Oregon DMV’s
online portal
to get started and follow the directions there. 
You’ll have to pay $40, plus additional processing fees, for your license renewal once you’ve finished up. If you’re renewing a Real ID, you’ll pay a $70 fee.

Renew your license by mail

You can renew your license by mail if you’re outside of Oregon at the time of renewal. To get more information, you’ll need to contact your DMV at 1-503-945-5000.
You’ll then mail all the necessary forms to the following address:
DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Ave. NE
Salem, OR 97314

Renew your license in person

If you aren’t eligible to renew your license online or by mail, you’ll have to do it in person at your nearest DMV office. You can either make an appointment or head to the DMV office for standby service.
If you’re applying for a Real ID or a
commercial driver’s license
for the first time, you’ll have to complete your applications in person. There are additional requirements for these.
To complete your license application, you’ll need the following:
  • Proof of physical address and identity. There are additional documents required for Real ID applications
  • Pass a vision test if you’re age 50 or older
  • Pay the renewal fee, $40 for a standard license, $70 for a Real ID card
  • Get your picture taken
Once this is complete, you’ll get an interim card to use while your card is mailed to your residence as listed with the DMV. The provisional card will serve as temporary proof of valid driving privileges, although it’s not considered valid proof of identification at most government agencies. 

How long does it take to renew a Oregon driver’s license? 

When you renew your license, you’ll get an interim card that serves as a temporary license that is valid for 30 days.
You should receive your new driver’s license in 2 weeks.
If more than two weeks have elapsed since you applied to renew your license, but you still haven’t received the new card, call 1-503-945-5000 to check the status of your application. 
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You won’t be able to legally drive with an expired license without risking hefty tickets and fines. But you do have two years after the expiration date to renew your license without incurring any adding fees or having to reapply for a license and retake all the necessary tests.
As long as you aren’t changing any major pieces of information about your license (like your photo, height, or weight), and your license isn’t suspended, revoked, or canceled, you likely can renew it online.
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