SR-22 in Arizona: What You Need to Know

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Drivers considered high risk by the state of Arizona will need to file an SR-22 for a minimum period of three years. Further driving infractions or failure to keep up with insurance payments can extend the SR-22 requirement period.
An SR-22 is a certificate that your car insurance company files with the DMV. It isn't an insurance policy, but rather proves to the state that you carry at least the minimum required insurance.
Filing an SR-22 may sound like a complex process, but with help from your insurance provider and car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry, you’ll be back on the road safely in no time.
Read on to learn everything you need to know about an SR-22 in Arizona.
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What is an SR-22 in Arizona?

If you’re a high-risk driver in Arizona, the DMV will require your insurance company to file an SR-22 certificate on your behalf. This document certifies that you carry at least the state’s minimum required liability insurance and can pay for any damages resulting from an accident.
In Arizona, your insurance must meet at least the following coverage:
  • $15,000 for bodily injury to one person
  • $30,000 for bodily injury to two or more people
  • $10,000 for property damage
Key Takeaway The DMV requires SR-22 certificates for drivers deemed high risk to ensure they carry at least the state minimum insurance.

Who needs it?

SR-22 insurance usually applies to high-risk drivers who’ve committed serious offenses behind the wheel. For example, you might require an SR-22 if you’ve had a DUI, been ticketed repeatedly, or if you were involved in a serious accident that caused damage, injury, or death.
You might also need SR-22 insurance if you’ve been caught driving without car insurance—and especially if you were in an accident without insurance. Other circumstances can include failure to pay tickets or other fines or refusing to take a breathalyzer.

How to get it

Any car insurance company licensed to operate in Arizona can file an SR-22 on your behalf, but that doesn’t mean they will. Since an SR-22 requirement makes you a higher risk to insure, some providers will be hesitant to sell your insurance—and some may deny you coverage altogether.
It’s a good idea to shop around for multiple insurance quotes to find out which insurance provider will offer the best rate for the coverage you need. Once you purchase your policy, they will handle filing the paperwork for your SR-22.
Key Takeaway You’ll need to shop around and find an insurance company willing to work with an SR-22 driver. From there, the insurer will file your SR-22 paperwork—usually for a fee.

How much does it cost?

Insurance companies usually charge fees for filing the SR-22 form on your behalf. These fees will vary from one company to the next, but in Arizona they’re usually around $30 to $50.
The real cost of an SR-22 requirement comes with your insurance policy. Car insurance companies consider SR-22 drivers to be high risk, so you should expect significantly higher insurance rates than you had prior to your conviction.

How an SR-22 impacts your insurance in Arizona

The Arizona MVD requires you to maintain SR-22 insurance for a period of three years starting on the date you’re eligible to have your driving privileges reinstated. During this time, you’ll most definitely be paying higher insurance rates than you would without an SR-22.
If your insurance lapses, your SR-22 certificate will be voided and your driver’s license and car registration will be suspended until you’re insured again. You may also see these suspensions if you have another accident or if you commit any new offenses within those three years.
Finding insurance with an SR-22 can also be more difficult. You’ll have fewer quotes to browse and the rates will be significantly higher, so it’s more important than ever to take your time and shop around for the best deals you can find.
Key Takeaway If your insurance lapses or if you commit another crime, your three-year SR-22 requirement may be extended.

How to find cheap insurance

Don’t let these extra caveats of an SR-22 requirement scare you. Yes, the rates will be higher and yes, you do need to jump through a few extra hoops—but you can still shop around and find the best quotes.
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