Top 10 Most Reliable New Cars of 2022

The Lexus GX is our number one pick for the most reliable car of 2022.
Written by Ethan Moser
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 17, 2023
The Lexus GX isn’t just a powerful SUV that can handle off-road adventures—it’s also the most reliable new car for 2022 according to Consumer Reports
Reliability should be one of your most important considerations when car shopping. Purchasing a reliable vehicle will not only be more convenient for you as a driver, but will also save you money over an unreliable car that breaks down frequently. 
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 #10. Mazda CX-9

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 61/100
MSRP: $35,280 - $35,645
Mazda CX-9
is overall a very reliable new car to own, but it ranks lower on our list because of its comparatively lower reliability rating. On average, drivers of a 2022 Mazda CX-9 can expect to pay around $550 a year on maintenance costs
The CX-9 also has a poor frequency score of 1.859. This score measures how many times in a three-year period the vehicle requires major maintenance—and this one is significantly worse than average. 

#9. Subaru Crosstrek

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 85/100
MSRP: $22,445 - $35,645
The 2022
Subaru Crosstrek
offers a slightly higher reliability rating than the Mazda CX-9, edging its way into a “great” rating by Consumer Reports. The SUV is easy and enjoyable to drive while also offering eco-friendly practicality for its drivers’ daily commutes. 
Average annual maintenance costs for the Crosstrek are around $492, which is lower than the average. If you’re in the market for something reliable and fun, this is a good pick!

 #8. Toyota Highlander

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 82/100
MSRP: $35,405 - $51,160
While relatively pricey when compared to our first two contenders for the most reliable car of 2022, the
Toyota Highlander
boasts an above-average reliability score of 82 out of 100. 
The Highlander’s advanced safety features—including a rearview camera, forward collision warning, and pedestrian detection—reduce the risk of accidents and helped this mid-size crossover earn a place as an IIHS Top Safety Pick+

#7. Honda Insight

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 78/100
MSRP: $25,760 - $29,760
One of the most affordable cars on our list, the 2022
Honda Insight
is a champion when it comes to fuel economy among cars that don’t need to be plugged in, averaging 54 miles per gallon
The Insight boasts a robust powertrain, attractive interior stylings, and advanced safety features—all at a lower price point than the Toyota Highlander. And with annual maintenance costs of around $392, it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket, either.

 #6. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 93/100
MSRP: $27,300 - $38,200
Rounding out the back half of our list, the 2022
Mazda MX-5 Miata
is one of the most affordable and reliable sports cars on the market right now. The MX-5 offers a base 2-liter inline-four engine pumping out 181-horsepower at 7,000 rotations per minute
The car’s lightweight design and excellent balance contribute to its reliability. Maintenance costs for the Miata average about $349 per year.

#5. Cadillac XT5

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 89/100
MSRP: $43,995 - $55,895
The 2022
Cadillac XT5
is one of the most reliable mid-size SUVs money can buy. The XT5 scored well during tests rating the performance of its braking ability and body integrity. The vehicle’s reliability ratings have consistently improved with each new model year since it was introduced in 2017. Maintenance costs for the XT5 will run you approximately $209 per year.

#4. Toyota Prius

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 93/100
MSRP: $24,225 - $32,650
When it comes to fuel economy, sustainability, and reliability, there are few better options than the 2022
Toyota Prius
. Because the car is so new, however, automakers will have trouble predicting any potential future mechanical issues that might affect the new Prius.
Toyota offers a base level warranty for three years or 36,000 miles and a five-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. You can expect annual maintenance costs to be around $408.

#3. Toyota Prius Prime

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 88/100
MSRP: $28,220 - $34,000
The 2022
Toyota Prius Prime
takes all the aspects we love about the Prius and adds an estimated 25 miles of EV driving when fully charged. Due to the car’s eco-friendly nature as a hybrid, drivers can currently benefit from a $4,500 government tax incentive when financing a 2022 Prius Prime. 

#2. Kia Niro EV

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 95/100
MSRP: $24,690 - $44,650
While electric vehicles can be complex to own and drive, the 2022
Kia Niro
EV stacks up really well in terms of reliability. The compact crossover, with its sturdy bodywork and impressive EPA range estimate of 239 miles, is poised to stake its claim as one of the most reliable EV models on the market.
Average maintenance costs for the Niro are about $142 per year.

#1. Lexus GX

Consumer Reports reliability rating: 90/100
MSRP: $53,100 - $64,365
We’ve saved the best—and most reliable—for last with the 2022
Lexus GX
. Featuring a 4.6-liter V8 engine and more than 300 horsepower at every trim level, the GX is one of the most powerful SUVs money can buy. 
The model’s truck-like construction and adjustable suspension make it a great and reliable option for off-road driving.

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