How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in Tennessee

Tennessee’s gas prices are hitting record numbers every day—with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
The price of gas in Tennessee is currently as high as it's ever been—and it’s only getting higher. Experts say it’s due to the combination of a tight global oil supply, high summer demand, and the rising prices of crude oil.
Drivers across the U.S. saw a drastic jump in already-high gas prices after President Biden announced a ban on all gas and oil from Russia on March 8, 2022. With a lower supply of gas after the peak of COVID-19 and higher demand, the fuel industry is in crisis mode—and that includes Tennessee.
That’s why we've made a guide to Tennessee’s rising gas prices. We’ll go over contributing factors as well as a few tips to save money on car-related costs.
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What is the average price of gas in Tennessee?

According to
, the average price of a gallon of gas in Tennessee is $4.164 as of May 2022—the highest price on record for the state. That’s barely less than the national average of $4.418/gal—though this number climbs almost every day. 
Filling up with anything other than regular unleaded will cost you even more. Here’s what the gas prices in Tennessee cost per grade:
  • Regular: $4.164/gal
  • Mid-grade: $4.505/gal
  • Premium: $4.837/gal
  • Diesel: $5.334/gal
If your car requires
premium fuel
or you have a truck with a
diesel engine
, these numbers might just put a crimp in your summer plans. 

Which city in Tennessee has the highest gas prices?

Average gas prices aren’t the same throughout the entire state. Williamson County—including
, and
—holds the distinction of having the highest gas prices in the state: $4.426/gal for regular gas and $5.79/gal for diesel. 
The lower gas prices in Tennessee are scattered across the state, mostly concentrated in south-central Tennessee and along the vertical line of the Smoky Mountains. Average prices in Hancock and Scott Counties are as low as $3.99/gal

Why are gas prices in Tennessee so high?

Why are Tennessee’s gas prices so high while neighboring states of
are paying as little as $3.93/gal? 
Some Southern states benefit from lower gas prices because they’re geographically closer to oil refineries and tend to have lower taxes. Most of these states also have interstate pipelines that run through them, making gas more accessible.
However, areas with higher population densities tend to pay more at the pump. That means counties with more residents—like Shelby, Davidson, and Knox—will suffer from higher gas prices than less populated counties.
Residents in bigger cities also have to commute more often, leading to higher demand and thus higher gas prices. Four of the top 100 cities with the longest commutes are in Tennessee:
  • Nashville
    Metropolitan area: average commute time of 27.3 minutes
  • Memphi
    s: average commute time of 24.1 minutes
  • Knoxville
    : average commute time of 23.6 minutes
  • Chattanooga
    : average commute time of 23.2 minutes
Gas prices are also more pricey in areas with higher real estate prices. Williamson County is the most expensive place to live in Tennessee, which is likely to reason for their sky-high prices when compared to the rest of the state.
In general, residents in wealthier areas are more likely to not mind paying a little extra for the convenience, so gas stations in these areas can get away with raising the price. 
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How to deal with Tennessee’s gas prices

So, other than moving to a more rural area, is there any solution? Or do you just have to accept that you’ll be spending a huge chunk of your paycheck fueling up just to get to work?
Not so fast. The gas prices in Tennessee may be daunting, but there are a few ways to lighten the strain on your budget. By following these simple financial hacks, you can adapt to the rising gas prices in Tennessee.
  • Keep up with your car’s maintenance: You may feel less inclined to pay $30 for an oil change when it costs $70 just to fill up your tank, but it’s crucial to stay on top of regular maintenance tasks or you could incur even more costs down the road. 
  • Learn a few DIY repair skills: Leave the major problems like a failing transmission or a broken water pump
    to the professionals
    . But learning to replace your spark plugs, replace your air filters, and flushing your radiator fluid yourself could
    cut down on your ownership costs
  • Refinance your car loan: Loan payments take up a huge chunk of car expenses for most owners, but you could reduce them by refinancing your loan with a new lender.
  • Go electric: Buying an electric car will do more than just eliminate your need for gas—you could also save money with federal and local
    electric vehicle incentives
  • Switch insurance companies: Just like gas prices, insurance rates fluctuate pretty often. That’s why
    experts recommend shopping for a new car insurance policy every six months
    . When you use Jerry to do it, it could take less than a minute!

Save money on car insurance in Tennessee

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