How to Deal with Rising Gas Prices in South Carolina

South Carolina’s gas prices have soared to $4.30 per gallon in the past year. Learn how you can save on car expenses here.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Gas prices in
South Carolina
have increased dramatically over the past year. This is the result of the ongoing ban on Russian gas, high demand from drivers, and a supply shortage for fuel.
On March 8, 2022, gas prices soared across the nation once President Biden announced the ban on Russian gas and oil imports. The US gas industry is facing a crisis with diminished supply and increasing demand following the COVID-19 lockdowns. Fortunately for South Carolina drivers, the gas prices are still some of the lowest in the nation, albeit still at an all-time high.
We've created a guide to help you navigate South Carolina’s gas prices. See what experts are saying and learn how you can save money on car-related expenses. 
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What is the average price of gas in South Carolina?

As reported by the
, the average price for gas in South Carolina is $4.30/gal as of May 2022. Although it is only slightly higher than the national average of $4.114/gal, the price has increased by almost $1.50/gal in the last year.
If you’re looking to pump a higher grade of gas, it’ll cost even more. Below is a breakdown of gas prices for each grade in South Carolina:
  • Regular: $4.300/gal
  • Mid-grade: $4.636/gal
  • Premium: $4.974/gal
  • Diesel: $5.459/gal
With the increase in gas prices, owners of
trucks with diesel engines
or cars that require
premium fuel
will surely feel their wallets quiver as they fill up at the pumps.

Which city in South Carolina has the highest gas prices?

The prices listed above are only the average gas prices across the state of South Carolina—your actual gas price will depend on which city you’re in. The top three cities with the highest gas prices are:
The lowest gas prices can be found in Aiken-Edgefield County and Hilton Head-Bluffton with averages for regular gas at $4.266/gal and $4.279/gal, respectively. 

Why are gas prices in South Carolina so high?

Drivers in
are paying an average gas price of $4.05/gal for regular gas—so why are South Carolinians paying close to 10% more? 
For the most part, the gas prices in South Carolina are inflated as a direct impact of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The ban on Russian gas has led to a severe shortage which is amplified by the increasing demand. With the warmer weather approaching, more people want to travel. This puts further strain on the supply and will drive the prices up even more.
Although the
gas taxes
in South Carolina are nowhere near what Californians pay, there are plans for an increase from 26 cents to 28 cents. Fortunately, there are talks to suspend the increase to relieve South Carolinians of further price pains.
South Carolina drivers are also fortunate that the gas prices in the state are relatively low compared to the rest of the nation. This is thanks to the state being close to America’s oil-refining center along the Gulf Coast. In other words, the gas doesn’t have to travel as far, which lowers the distribution cost.

How to deal with South Carolina’s gas prices

Although gas prices have risen significantly in South Carolina, it doesn’t mean you need to move to another state or stop driving altogether. Not only are these measures extreme, but also not sustainable if you need to commute to work every day.
On the contrary, even with such high gas prices in South Carolina, there are other ways to save on car expenses to mitigate the sudden surge in fuel costs. Below are some practical tips you can follow to help mitigate the effects of South Carolina gas prices spiking. 
  • Avoid driving during rush hour: Being stuck in traffic can drain your gas quickly from all the stopping and starting. If you need to drive somewhere, try to avoid times with the heaviest traffic.
  • Don’t skip maintenance: Don’t be tempted to skip an oil change just to save $35 to $50 as this could cost you more in the long run. Being diligent in your car’s regular maintenance will help you find potential issues before they become expensive repairs in the future. 
  • Keep some DIY car repair skills up your sleeves: While complicated repairs for engines and fuel pumps should be
    left for a professional
    to do, you can learn simple repairs to
    reduce your overall ownership cost
    . This includes changing your air filters and wiper blades, flushing the radiator fluid, and even replacing your spark plugs. 
  • Refinance your car loan: One of the largest monthly car expenses is the loan payment. However, it is possible to reduce this amount by finding a new lender to refinance your loan. If you’re looking for help to do so, Jerry offers
    refinancing services
    to app users who are shopping for insurance! 
  • Go electric: South Carolina may not have any incentives for getting an electric car, but you could be eligible for
    up to $7,500 in federal tax credits
    if you buy a new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Although an electric car is more expensive, you will save more in the long run without the need for fuel.
  • Switch insurance companies: Insurance rates are constantly changing. You could find better quotes, especially if you haven’t
    shopped around in a while.
    This can be done in under a minute if you’re using the Jerry app!

Save money on car insurance in South Carolina

It’s no surprise that drivers are feeling the financial strain from rising gas prices in South Carolina. Fortunately, there are many ways to provide some relief. Two of the quickest ways to lower your car-related expenses are shopping for
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