Ford Explorer XLT Towing Capacity

The Ford Explorer XLT is a full-size SUV capable of towing up to 5,300 pounds at a time.
Written by Joshua Levy
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
The Ford Explorer XLT is a full-size SUV with a maximum towing capacity of 5,300 pounds. While you can opt for features like all-wheel-drive that give your Explorer XLT off-roading power, there are currently no add-ons that increase towing capabilities. 
Whether you're looking for a car that can get you to and from work, or an off-road SUV to take camping, the Ford Explorer XLT is a great option to consider. With ample trunk space and impressive towing capacity for an SUV, the XLT is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable ride with outdoor capabilities. 
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How much can a Ford Explorer XLT tow?

The Ford Explorer XLT has a towing capacity of 5,300 pounds. While you can always opt for a higher Ford Explorer trim for extra features like luxury seats and comprehensive entertainment systems, the towing capacity is the same across all trims. 
Since all Explorers come equipped with all-wheel-drive and engines that produce a minimum of 300 horsepower, the towing capacity doesn’t vary between models. Each Explorer is equipped to tow a maximum of 5,300 pounds at a time.

Trailer hitches for the Ford Explorer XLT

Once you buy your new Ford Explorer XLT, you can choose to attach a tow hitch through the dealership or a third party. The cost of a tow hitch shouldn’t change much from one option to the next, though installation may be more expensive with a third party. 
Since some hitches may not be compatible with your car, check with your dealership to ensure your hitch choice is Ford-friendly.

How to calculate the towing capacity you need

You may know your car’s towing capacity, but what exactly does it mean? Can you just throw 5,300 pounds on the back of your Explorer XLT and hit the road? The answer is fairly simple: your towing capacity states how much weight you can pull behind your car. 
Since the Ford Explorer XLT is rated for 5,300 pounds, you can tow up to that weight of whatever you want! Of course, you’ll need to remember to account for the weight of any frames, hitches, or wagons you use to carry your supplies. For example, if you’re towing a 3,000-pound motorcycle on a 500-pound wagon, the total weight of your load is 3,500. 
Forgetting to account for the materials you need to start towing is an easy way to damage your car. Be sure to double-check the weight you’re towing before you drive off.

How to increase towing capacity

If you love the Ford Explorer XLT  but need a higher towing capacity than 5,300 pounds, you may be out of luck. Unfortunately, your car’s towing capacity comes from a mix of its engine’s power, traction, torque, and a wide array of other mechanical specs. Increasing your vehicle’s towing capacity through aftermarket additions isn’t an option for most cars. 
That said, here are a few ways you can optimize your towing capacity:
  • Increase your car’s ability to handle weight by using a weight-distribution hitch
  • Buy stronger brake pads and rotors to increase control while driving with heavy loads
  • Invest in strong axles to raise traction and reduce stress on your XLT
Keep in mind that these adjustments won’t increase your towing capacity. However, they can help you make the most of your Explorer’s towing abilities. 
If you decide to invest in major aftermarket adjustments to increase your towing capacity, do so with caution. Your car is built to handle a specific amount of weight, and towing more than the dealer recommends could lead to major damages or even injury. 

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