Can You Turn Right on Red in Florida?

Right turns on red are generally legal in Florida unless there’s a sign prohibiting it, but you must always yield to other drivers and pedestrians.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Edited by R.E. Fulton
Right turns on red are generally legal in
, but you must yield right of way to other drivers and pedestrians. In addition, municipalities and counties are authorized to ban right turns on red at some intersections—so always check for a sign before you turn. 
  • You can turn right on red in Florida unless a sign is posted prohibiting right turns on red. 
  • Accidents at traffic lights and intersections are common and destructive, so exercise caution when making a risky turn.

Can you turn right on red in Florida?

Yes, unless there’s a sign posted at the intersection that says “no turn on red.” 
According to
Section 316.075
of the Florida Statutes, motorists may turn right at a steady red light (including a steady red turn arrow) if: 
  • The driver has a view of approaching traffic 
  • The driver yields right of way to pedestrians in the crosswalk and other vehicles 
  • Municipal and county authorities have not posted a sign prohibiting right turns on red at that intersection
In other words, the best way to determine whether a right turn on red is legal is to look for a sign. If there’s no sign and the intersection is clear, you’re free to turn—just make sure that you come to a complete stop at the stop line before turning from the right lane. 
Flashing red light: Florida law requires you to treat this light the same way you would a stop sign. A right turn is permitted, as long as you yield right of way and obey the traffic laws. 

What about left turns on red?

Florida drivers can turn left on red only if you are traveling from a one-way street onto another one-way street. This is true in most parts of the US, too.
As always, you must watch carefully for oncoming traffic, obey traffic signals, and yield the right of way to other drivers and pedestrians. Be careful—Florida Highway Patrol can pull you over and the police officer may issue a citation if you don’t completely make it through that yellow arrow or yellow light before it turns to red.
Key Takeaway You may turn right on red as long as there’s no sign posted, but be sure to yield to pedestrians and other drivers. 

Penalties for an illegal right turn on red in Florida

Although it’s legal to turn right on red in Florida from the right-hand lane most of the time, it’s possible to get ticketed if you’re caught performing an illegal right on red at an intersection that bans it. 
The penalties for an illegal right on red or red arrow vary depending on the exact circumstances of the violation.
You could face increased fines if: 
  • You failed to yield to pedestrians or other drivers.
  • You were
    over the speed limit
    at the time of the incident.
  • The motor vehicle failed to come to a complete stop at the light.
  • Anyone was injured as a result of your illegal turn.
  • You failed to pay a previous ticket.
  • You ignored other traffic control signage.
Keep in mind that 12 points in 12 months will earn you a
license suspension in Florida
. Then, you could be facing a
payment plan
get your license reinstated
When in doubt, you’re better off waiting for that light to turn green and avoiding the possible penalties—especially if you’ve already got points on your record. Stay on your side of the road, get in the correct turn lane, and brush up on the laws for four-way stops. 
Not only will the actual ticket cost you, but speeding tickets are also one of the traffic tickets that have the
greatest effect
on your
car insurance rates
Car insurance companies
want to see that you’re following the rules of the road, and a violation of red light statutes isn’t the picture they want to see. 
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