Is My License Plate Frame Legal in Arizona?

Arizona laws dictate that you can have a license plate frame as long as it does not cover any part of your plate. Covers, however, are not allowed.
Written by Kevin Martinez
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
, you can customize your
license plate
by using decorative frames so long as you ensure that your frame doesn’t block any crucial information like your plate number or decals. However, covers of any type are not allowed. 
Putting a personalized frame around your license plate can not only add a bit of personality to your vehicle but also make your car feel even more like your own. While obtaining a frame can be a great way to show off your team spirit, personal style, or even advertise a business, be sure that your frame adheres to state laws regarding what can and can’t go on your plate.
Keep in mind that every state has specific policies regarding plate frames and covers. If you fail to abide by these policies, you could be subject to fines or court.
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Yes—in Arizona, you can drive with a license plate frame. Just be sure that your license plate is legible and visible and ensure that you can see all parts of your plate, including the plate number and registration decals.

What are the rules for license plate frames in Arizona?

According to
Section 28-2354
of the Arizona Statutes, drivers must ensure that each license plate is legible and that the state’s name is not obscured. 
So, as long as the plate numbers, registration decals, and “ARIZONA” are not covered, your frame is permissible.

What about license plate covers?

Although license plate frames are legal in Arizona, plate covers are illegal. According to state laws, drivers are not allowed to add a “covering or substance to the license plate that obscures from any angle the numbers, characters, or decals of a plate.”
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What are the fines for license plate frames in Arizona?

If you are pulled over for a first-time offense for having a license plate frame or cover that obstructs your plate’s vital information, you may be subject to a $30 fine. If you violate this rule again within 12 months, you could be subject to a civil penalty of anywhere from $100 up to $300.

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