5 Coolest Infiniti Concept Cars

With a focus on the manufacturer’s Japanese influence, Infiniti’s concept cars aim to reimagine the standard of design in a fully-electric era.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
As Infiniti undertakes a promise for an all-electric era, every one of the manufacturer’s concept cars aims to reimagine the power and design potential of a luxury fleet. Japanese influences underline almost every finishing touch of the innovative line-up which uniformly aims to balance performance and hospitality in an elegant exterior.
Concept cars are the tools by which car manufacturers can look to the future of the automotive industry. From testing the limits of developed engineering to rewriting narratives on automotive style—a common trend for Infiniti’s concept practice—these are the vehicles that determine what is going to hit the road next.
Infiniti is dangling the carrot with this line-up, as none of the manufacturer’s current concepts are slated with any official release dates. While you wait, enjoy a few bites of the carrot with this sneak peek tour of the best Infiniti concept cars.
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Infiniti QX60 Monograph

The word “monograph” means “a detailed study of a single object,” and that’s exactly what the Infiniti QX60 Monograph does for the future of the manufacturer’s three-row SUV. Every element has been developed to its greatest potential in a harmonious blend that highlights the vehicle’s Japanese design influences without sacrificing any aerodynamics
The focus for this concept crossover went to the exterior, but the intention is clear—a reliable, sophisticated, and calming complement to the modern family on the run.

QS Inspiration Concept

As you’ll see with the QS Inspiration and the concept cars to come, Infiniti’s Japanese influences are a core theme in their concept line-up. The Inspiration heralds a reinvention of thought for the manufacturer’s QS sedan as the company transitions into a fully electric fleet
The cabin utilizes specialized lighting and themes of Japanese hospitality to create a welcoming environment for the car’s passengers. The comfortably spacious design is illuminated by a fully virtual dashboard display. Timber louvers—or windows utilizing angles slats—cast a calming array of shadows on the passengers as soft turquoise and vermillion red lights dance around the car in a “Wave of Senses” to symbolize autonomy and performance, respectively.

QX Inspiration

For the QX Inspiration, Infiniti’s designers took to the classic art of paper folding–origami—to inspire this concept’s reimagined design. From creased angles and wide-opening clamshell doors to ambient lights and another use of the timber louvers, Infiniti continues its trend of developing the concepts of Japanese heritage into a concept vehicle. 
The QX Inspiration is also heralding an all-electric era for the Japanese manufacturer. Even in the face of so many changes and new concepts, the Infiniti crossover promises to continue its guarantee of long-distance range across a variety of terrain.

QX Sport Inspiration

“Powerful elegance”—this is the main idea behind the QX Sport Inspiration, but don’t throw out all the themes of hospitality and zen that the Infiniti concepts have been rooted in so far. The Sport Inspiration simply takes these themes in a more athletic direction, boasting a sculpted, muscular exterior with a sleek, cool, obsidian interior. 
It’s no doubt that Infiniti will deliver on the performance in this midsize SUV once specs become available. Until then, just picture the thrill of acceleration in balance with the midnight interior’s red-light-absorbing design and the tranquil effect that is sure to ensue.

Infiniti Prototype 10

Prototype 10 aims to encapsulate the two major promises that Infiniti holds for the future of its line-up—a fully electric fleet and the highest performing vehicles around. But can true driving satisfaction come from an electrified speedster, like this? 
Well to start, a single press of the Prototype 10 acceleration pedal can immediately utilize 100% of the electric powertrain’s available torque. The asymmetrical, bullet-like design takes an intelligent and artistic approach to redline acceleration and a speedy thrill—all while using ultra-low emission technology.

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