Guide for the 2007 Corvette

While its upgrades are mostly cosmetic, the 2007 Corvette remains a barn-burning bargain that blends speed, style, and power with affordability.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 20, 2023
Despite minimal performance enhancements from the previous year, the 2007 Corvette remains an affordable, tarmac-tearing sensation. The 7.0 L small block engine with its 505 horsepower remain on the Z06, while this year’s Corvette saw the addition of two new variants—the Indy Pace Car trim, with its atomic orange paint job, and the Ron Fellows Edition Z06, with red fender stripes, a white body, and two-tone interior.
If anything, the 2007 Corvette was a placeholder—it maintained the previous year’s driving performance while offering more interior improvements in Corvette’s annual crawling progress towards a true, luxury-style interior. Spoiler alert: the 2007’s interior is nice, but was still not up to par with its European rivals, such as BMW and Porsche.
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Ownership costs for a 2007 Corvette

If you’re thinking about owning a used Corvette, know that ownership costs will vary. 
Back in 2007, the Corvette retailed for $66,770—still pricey but a relative bargain for a sports car. Nowadays, you can find a 2007 ‘Vette for between $9,995 and $19,046.
Prices will also depend on the trim you can find and the condition the roadster is in. Whatever 2007 Corvette you get your hands on, do your due diligence first. Get a qualified, licensed, and trusted mechanic to give this mid-aughts dream car a look over before you buy it
Even the best-maintained used cars can be hiding annoying problems under the hood. You don’t want to have to deal with those problems down the road, so get your mechanic to have a look at a used Corvette before you fork over your hard-earned greenbacks.

Where to buy a 2007 Corvette

If you’re jonesing for a primo used ride (circa 2007) that happens to be a Corvette, we’ve got some tips on where to look. Head online and check out
Classic Cars
, and
Kelley Blue Book
for leads on where to find a 2007 ‘Vette. Also, be sure to check out
Corvette forums
online, where you might find tips and information on the best place to find a used Corvette.

What does the 2007 Corvette bring to the table?

As mentioned, the 2007 Corvette was light on performance enhancements, but it did add some interior flourishes in the brand’s ongoing-but-futile attempt to outclass its European rivals in terms of interior style.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 2007 Corvette

Here's the lowdown on the best and not-quite-best aspects of the ‘07 Corvette.

The good: speed and handling

The speed and handling of the 2007 Corvette remained world-class across the board. Both the standard coupe and convertible kept the 6.0 LS-2 V8 engine featuring 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. The Z06 runs it back with its monster 7.0 LS7 V8 and its 505 horsepower.
The Magnetic Ride Control Suspension automatically hardens and softens the Z06’s ride according to your driving style, while the Z51 Performance handling package brings stiffer shocks, springs, and stabilizer bars, more robust brakes, and specific tires for the 6-speed manual transmission.

The good: trunk space

Who says sports cars need to be impractical? The 2007 Corvette offers plenty of storage space, including 22.4 cubic feet on the coupe, and 11 cubic feet on the convertible (the Z06 is only offered as a coupe).

The bad: the interior

Here we go again, nagging at the Corvette for its nice but sub-standard interior (when compared with the BMWs and Porsches of the world). Sure, the 2007 Corvette came with optional leather upholstery, and the special trims offered a variety of two-tone interior trims and special seat embroidery. But the Corvette interior tended to feature too much cheap plastic, as is the case for the 2007 model. 
True, the 2007 does offer a handsome gauge, intuitive infotainment system, and an optional navigation system, but on the whole, it still underwhelms vis-a-vis its luxury sports car competition.

The bottom line—which 2007 Corvette to buy

It all comes down to personal preference when you’re looking at a 2007 Corvette. If you absolutely need speed, you’re going to want to find a Z06 or a Fellows Edition Z06 for their prodigious power. The Fellows Edition also gets you cool red fender stripes and a two-tone leather interior, if you’re into that.
If you’re looking for more of a cruising-type ‘Vette, the standard coupe or convertible will give you all the driving thrills you can handle, but still act the part of a very handsome commuter car. True, you won’t get the power that’s on display for the Z06, but when you think about it, do you really need to rack up a whole bunch of speeding tickets? We didn’t think so.

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