Guide for the 2005 Corvette

The 2005 Corvette is a top-notch performance vehicle that is practical enough to be your daily ride.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Jan 20, 2023
The 2005 Corvette is a powerful, top-of-the-line sports car that is practical enough to be your daily commuting vehicle. Its 6.0 L small block V8 engine sports 400 horsepower and plenty of oomph, going zero to 60 miles per hour in an intestine-twisting 4.2 seconds. It handles like a quick, shifty sports car, despite its relative heft. 
The C6 Corvette more than lives up to its history, offering luxurious power and handsome styling for a competitive price, and even more so now that you can get this baby used—but not used up. 
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Ownership costs for a 2005 Corvette 

Your ownership costs for a 2005 Corvette will depend on the trim level—the 2 door coupe or convertible—as well as the condition of your ‘Vette.
While both trims retailed for $51,445 back in 2005, you can get either the coupe or convertible for between $7,786 and $16,385, depending on the car’s features and condition. 
Ultimately, those costs can vary. Some used Corvettes are in great shape, thanks to the TLC given to them by their previous owners. But some, of course, are not. If you find a 2005 Corvette to your liking, we suggest getting a qualified and trusted mechanic to give it a once-over before you buy it. Even the best-looking used cars can have problems lurking under the hood, so it's best to get a pro to take a look to ensure you aren’t surprised after you buy a used Corvette.

Where to buy a 2005 Corvette

Your best bet to find a 2005 Corvette is to head over to
Classic Cars
Kelley Blue Book
, and
. Of course, be sure to check out online
Corvette forums
for tips and info on your favorite ‘Vette.

What does the 2005 Corvette bring to the table? 

The 2005 Corvette heralded the famed American muscle car’s 6th generation. The C6 looked like a sports car reinvented—a redesigned front and rear, and revamped engineering to go along with the same power and superb handling that ‘Vetteheads have come to know and love.

Strengths and weaknesses of the 2005 Corvette

If you’re on a stone-cold hunt for a 2005 Corvette, here are some things to keep an eye out for on the C6.

The good: speed and handling

The C6 can fly—its 6.0 L 400 horsepower V8 engine can get the Corvette to a top speed of 186 miles per hour, and goes zero to 60 in a thunderously quick 4.2 seconds.
All that speed doesn’t mean the Corvette is difficult to handle—it’s shockingly easy to maneuver, with quick-twitch handling that isn’t diminished at all by the 2005 Corvette’s on-point stability and traction control. This is a superb ride.

The good: new design

The 2005 Corvette’s looks were a bit of a departure from its classic style. Gone are the pop-up headlamps that became synonymous for the brand—instead you get sleek, Ferrari-esque exposed headlights, not to mention a redesigned front and shorter rear end. The 2005 offered a power-top convertible, the first on the Corvette since 1962—impressively, the top is both easily removed and installed.

The good: transmission

Automatic shifting is smooth from gear-to-gear on the 2005 Corvette and pairs well with its strong acceleration. The manual transmission is even more fun—it’s tight as heck, provides shifts both fluid and quick, and is a blast to drive.

The good: revamped interior

The 2005 Corvette’s new interior was an upgrade on previous Corvette models. The 2005 version sports comfortable seats, better headroom that gives a more open and airy front-seat feel, an easy-to-use climate control system, and a simple (in a good way) navigation system.

The bad: revamped interior

While the 2005’s new interior was a step up from previous years, it still paled in comparison to other top-of-the-line sports cars released that year.  

The bottom line—which 2005 Corvette to buy

So long as you can snag a 2005 Corvette in good condition, odds are you’re going to enjoy yourself piloting this Made-in-America dream car. In terms of which one to buy, that’s up to you. Manual transmission cars are quickly becoming a thing of the past, so if you’re hankering for a gearshift ride, a manual C6 could be just the ticket for you. Also, manual transmission vehicles tend to be cheaper to fix than automatic, due to their simpler gearboxes. 
In terms of convertible or coupe, that’s up to you. If you enjoy whipping down the highway while exposed to the elements, then a convertible is the ride you’re looking for. If you like to keep your ‘coif looking just right, opt for the coupe.

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