How to Replace Fiat Tail Lights

You can replace a burnt-out tail light bulb at home in less than thirty minutes.
Written by Nick Kunze
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Replacing a Fiat tail light costs between $20 and $100, depending on whether your casing needs repair as well. For a burnt-out bulb, you can handle the issue yourself at home with the right tools and this guide. If you do need to go to the shop, consider paying out-of-pocket instead of relying on your insurance.
Tail lights are an important safety feature when driving at night—make sure to replace your bulbs as soon as possible once they’ve stopped working. Whatever Fiat you’re driving, replacing your tail lights will keep you safe and prevent you from getting a ticket.
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How to replace a Fiat tail light

Cost: $40 to $200 
Time: 10 to 30 minutes
Tools needed: Safety glasses, gloves, Philips head screwdriver, replacement parts 
Difficulty: Easy
The first step to replacing a Fiat tail light is to confirm the source of the problem. If a bulb broke from backing into a light pole, the problem is pretty obvious. However, if you notice one or both lights burn out unexpectedly, you need to discover the source of the issue.
If both tail lights are out (or all rear lights), then there is likely an issue with a fuse. If this is the case, you’ll need to do a fuse replacement, which can be more complicated. If only one tail light is out or the brake lights are still working, you’re most likely dealing with a burnt-out bulb.
If you’re not sure how to deal with the issue, there’s no shame in heading to a mechanic or Fiat dealership. However, if you’re confident that it’s a burnt bulb, we can help you replace it. Just be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to make sure you’re using the correct bulb type.
Here’s how to replace Fiat’s tail light:
  • For safety purposes, start by disconnecting the battery. Since you’re working with electrical components and wires, this is a necessary precaution.
  • Next, you’ll need to gain access to the tail light housing. To do this, you’ll need to unscrew the screws and metal keeping the tail light housing in place. Then you can remove the tail light housing from your vehicle.
  • Then, remove the bulb socket from the tail light housing. You’ll need to remove the bracket from the rear of the tail light housing to gain access. Then, unscrew the burnt-out light.
  • Finally, install the new bulb in place of the old one. 
Replace the bracket on the back of the tail light housing, then reconnect the tail light housing to your car. With all that done, your tail lights should be good as new!

Commons reasons for Fiat tail light malfunctions

If the bulb hasn’t been broken in an accident, it might not be obvious what is causing your Fiat’s tail light to malfunction. Here are a few possible culprits for your tail light issues:
  • Dead bulb: If a single light is out or fading, it is likely a burnt-out bulb. You can replace the bulb using the instructions above.
  • Faulty wiring or fuses: Issues with the wiring or fuses can’t be fixed by replacing the bulb. These larger issues may impact other rear lights, like the brake lights.
  • Damaged socket: Moisture can corrode a light socket, causing it to no longer function properly. Once again, a new bulb won’t solve this issue. If there’s a discoloration in the socket, the issue likely lies with the socket itself.
  • Broken control switch: The problem may not be with the lights at all, but with their ability to communicate with your car. If none of the above are to blame, the problem may be a broken control switch.

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

There’s a chance your car insurance will cover your tail light replacement—but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to claim this repair.
If the tail light was broken in a collision, either with another vehicle or stationary object,
collision coverage
would cover the cost of repairs. Or, if a natural disaster or vandalism damaged your tail light,
comprehensive coverage
would pick up the bill.
However, you’d still need to pay your deductible before insurance takes over. Since this is such an inexpensive repair (most mechanics charge around $100 to replace a tail light), you likely won’t hit your deductible. Plus, making an insurance claim has a high chance of raising your premiums, meaning you’d pay more every month for your insurance coverage.
Due to these factors, it’s probably wise to pay for your tail light replacement out-of-pocket—unless it is one of many necessary repairs after a more serious crash or accident. 

How to find affordable Fiat insurance

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It’ll likely cost $20-$100 to replace your tail light. If only the bulb needs to be replaced, it will be much cheaper than if the tail light's casing has been broken or damaged.
Yes! As long as the issue is not with faulty wiring or a blown fuse, you can replace your tail light at home.
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