What Does the Engine Code P2310 Mean?

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If your car is showing the P2310 engine code, there’s likely an issue with one or more of your ignition coils. Ignoring this code can lead to performance issues and potentially serious damage to your engine.
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are useful for identifying engine problems. With an OBD-II code reader, you can more quickly identify what’s wrong with your engine and move more swiftly toward a solution.
Car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry wants to help. We created this guide to everything you need to know about the P2310 engine code. Read on to learn what it means, how much it’ll cost, and what it might do to your car.

What does the engine code P2310 mean?

Definition: Ignition Coil ‘D’ Primary Control Circuit High
The engine code P2310 means there is an issue with one or more of your engine’s ignition coils. An ignition coil is used for induction in the engine, using the voltage from the battery to create an electric spark in the spark plugs and ignite your engine’s fuel.
In modern cars, ignition coils are controlled by your car’s computer. That means the issue can lie both with the coil itself, or how it is communicating with the computer.

How much will it cost to fix? 

Diagnosis of the issue should take an hour, and cost between $75 and $150. If the coil needs to be replaced, the coil will cost between $60 and $80 and labor will cost between $100 to $200.

What can cause the P2310 engine code?

Here are a few potential causes of the P2310 engine code:
  • A broken or faulty ignition coil
  • Bad wiring, leading to a short
  • The ignition coils connector has become corroded 
  • There is a poor electrical connection
The issue can sometimes be the car’s powertrain control module (PCM), which is the car’s main computer, but this is rare.
A mechanic will be able to figure out what issue is causing the P2310 code in your car.
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Common symptoms of the P2310 engine code

Here are common symptoms of the coil troubles indicated by a P2310 engine code:
  • The Check Engine Light is on
  • The engine is misfiring
  • Acceleration is not smooth
  • The engine’s power is reduced
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a mechanic.

How serious is the P2310 engine code? 

The P2310 engine code can mean something very serious, so take your car in right away. A faulty coil can seriously detract from your vehicle’s drivability. Plus, misfires can cause worse damage to your engine, leading to costly repairs down the road. 

Can I fix the P2310 engine code myself?

Unless you really know your way around a car, you shouldn’t go digging around in your engine. The P2310 code likely can only be fixed by a complex repair, like replacing the failed coil, replacing damaged wiring, or repairing a loose connection.
Trying to do the repairs yourself can make the problem worse, create a new issue, or cause you to seriously hurt yourself.
Leave solving the P2310 engine code to a professional. 

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