How to Replace Audi Tail Lights

Audi tail lights are easier to replace than you think—with a few tools, you can replace yours in around 5 minutes.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Replacement tail lights for most Audi models run between $65 and $100. If the tail lights on your Audi need to be replaced, you can save a little money by doing the repairs yourself (and skipping the hassle of filing an insurance claim).
A vehicle’s tail lights are important for maintaining safety on the road. If the tail lights on your Audi aren’t working properly, you should replace them quickly to avoid potential accidents—and expensive tickets. 
That’s why
car insurance
put together this guide with everything you need to know about replacing Audi tail lights. We’ll walk you through how to replace the tail lights yourself, including how much it may cost—plus, how to save on your
Audi insurance costs
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How to replace an Audi tail light

Cost: $65 to $100 
Time: 5 minutes
Tools needed: Flat head screwdriver, replacement parts
Difficulty: Easy
The first step to replacing your Audi tail lights is determining why your tail lights aren’t working. Obviously, if your tail light was smashed in an accident or you backed into your garbage can on collection day, then knowing why your tail light isn’t working is easy. 
But if your tail light stops working unexpectedly, you may need to do some troubleshooting.
Depending on the exact issue you’re having, you might just need to replace a burnt-out bulb or you might have a more complex job like a fuse replacement. A burnt-out bulb would affect only one tail light, and your brake lights would still work. A blown fuse will usually knock out both tail lights.
Once you know what kind of issue you’re dealing with, check your owner’s manual for the specific parts you need to order. This will be based on several factors like your Audi model, trim level, or model year.
Once you have all your tools and replacement parts, you can begin replacing your Audi tail light. Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Disconnect the car battery. It’s always a good idea to disconnect from a power source when you’re dealing with wires.
  • Remove the tail light cover. In most Audi models, this is located in the trunk. Use your flat head screwdriver to pry the cover off from the top.
  • Remove the screw holding the tail light in place.
  • Remove the tail light assembly. The assembly is still connected by some wires, so don’t pull too hard.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness
  • At this point, if you need to replace the whole tail light, connect the new tail light back to the wiring harness and then install it and replace the tail light cover. If you need to replace just the bulbs, keep reading.
  • Remove the backing from the tail light housing by pushing the tabs in. This will expose all of the bulbs.
  • Twist the bulbs out and replace with new ones. Test the new bulbs before reinstalling the tail light housings.
Key Takeaway You can easily replace Audi tail lights yourself with the right replacement parts and a flat head screwdriver.

Commons reasons for Audi tail light malfunctions

If your tail lights are broken in an accident, it’s pretty clear why they aren’t working. However, if there are no obvious signs of damage, there might be several reasons why your tail lights aren’t working properly.
  • Burnt-out bulb: if only one tail light is out and your brake lights still work, it’s possible that a bulb is just dead.
  • Wiring or fuses: if both of your tail lights are out, or your brake lights are affected, you could have a more widespread wiring issue or a blown fuse.
  • Damaged socket: If moisture gets into your tail light housing, it could damage the light sockets.
  • Faulty control switch: If you’ve checked the wiring, fuses, sockets, and bulbs and are still having tail light issues, it’s possible that the control switch is broken.

Does car insurance cover broken tail lights? 

Depending on your car insurance coverage, your Audi’s broken tail light might be covered. However, it’s often cheaper and easier to skip filing an insurance claim.
If your tail light was damaged in an accident, repairs would be covered if you have
collision coverage
Comprehensive coverage
would pay for repairs if your tail light was damaged by a natural disaster or an act of vandalism.
However, if you’re thinking about filing a claim, remember that you’ll have to
pay your deductible
before your provider will pay for tail light damage. Tail lights are so cheap to replace that you might actually save money by doing the repairs yourself and not relying on insurance.
A tail light replacement for an Audi is $100 on the high end. The average car insurance deductible is around $500, so it doesn’t make much financial sense to pay a $500 deductible for a $100 repair.
Also, keep in mind that your car insurance rates may go up if you file a claim. So unless you’re looking at a huge repair bill that includes damage beyond just a tail light, it’s better to pay out of pocket.

How to find affordable Audi insurance

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Tail light replacements for most Audi models range between $65 and $100. However, they can be even cheaper if you do them yourself, or find bulbs that are less expensive.
Yes! Replacing your Audi tail lights can take as little as 5 minutes. As long as you have the correct replacement parts and a flat head screwdriver, you can replace your own tail lights easily.
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