How to Use Apple CarPlay on a Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 didn’t get Apple CarPlay functionality until 2019, but many earlier models have Bluetooth compatibility.
Written by Brenna Swanston
Reviewed by Macy Fouse
Apple CarPlay became a standard feature on RAV4 models in 2019, so if you have an older model, you might have to make do with Bluetooth. 
From streaming tunes and managing phone calls to navigation, Apple CarPlay makes driving more convenient for iPhone users.
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Does the Toyota RAV4 have Apple CarPlay?

It depends. This iPhone integration feature was added to the standard tech of the 2019 RAV4, so if you’re driving a RAV4 model older than that, your SUV does not have Apple CarPlay. 
Most RAV4 models still have Bluetooth compatibility, however, so you can still stream your favorite tunes! If that isn’t doing it for you, you may be able to add an aftermarket infotainment system with Apple CarPlay—but this can get pricey.

How to enable Apple CarPlay in a Toyota RAV4

For Toyota RAV4s newer than 2019, there are two methods to connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay.

Connecting via USB 

Plug a USB-A cable into your RAV4 USB port and connect it to your iPhone. From your phone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars. From here, choose your RAV4 from the list. 
On your car’s digital screen, go to Menu > General > Apple CarPlay and make sure it’s enabled. If you want your device to automatically connect to Apple CarPlay, you can choose “Always Enable.” 
If this doesn’t work, try to use a different USB cable, restart your phone, or update your phone’s iOS. 

Connecting via Bluetooth

You can also set up Apple CarPlay using Bluetooth. From the menu on your infotainment screen, select “Setup” then “Bluetooth.” The system will prompt you to add a new device, so just select your iPhone when you see it. That’s it!

Which Toyota models have Apple CarPlay? 

If you’re on the hunt to buy a Toyota and Apple CarPlay is a priority for you, you have tons of options. Here’s a list of all current Toyota models with Apple CarPlay:

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