How to Get a Safe Driver Discount

Safe driver discounts reward drivers with a clean driving record and no claims with a lower insurance premium.
Written by Amy Bobinger
Edited by Jessica Barrett
Safe driving discounts can take many forms but generally reward policyholders with a lower
car insurance
premium for having a clean driving record and no insurance claims.

A safe driving discount rewards you for good driving

If you have a
clean driving record
, your insurance company will see you as being less at risk for getting into an accident or making a claim. And when you’re less risky to insure, you can typically expect lower insurance rates. 
Safe driving discounts often come in the form of a percentage off your auto insurance premium, but some insurers will simply offer you a lower base premium.
A safe driving discount may also be called a “good driver discount” or “claim-free discount.”

Some insurers offer up to 30% off for safe driving

app screenshot
Safe driving discounts can vary widely—some insurance providers offer 10% off your premium for maintaining a good driving record while others, like State Farm, will offer up to 30% off. You can usually combine this with other discounts for even more savings.
To make sure you’re getting the best reward for your safe driving, compare quotes from at least 3–5 companies before you choose an insurance policy. The easiest way to shop for insurance quotes is with
—note that you don’t have any violations at signup, then browse personalized quotes based on your driving profile.

Insurers may have different requirements for a safe driving discount

Safe driver discounts can take different forms, but in general, you’ll need to avoid some or all of the following to qualify:
  • At-fault accidents
  • Comprehensive claims
  • Driver’s license points from moving violations like speeding, reckless driving, or DUI
If you already have a safe driver discount, you could lose it if you get into a car accident, file a car insurance claim, or receive a moving violation.
If your insurance company offers accident forgiveness, your rates may not be surcharged after your first at-fault accident—but you could lose your safe driver discount, which means your rate might go up.
Some insurers may offer separate discounts for being accident-free and violation-free, while others combine them into a single discount. Some insurance companies will add a safe driving discount automatically but others may require you to request it before it can be applied—so ask your insurance agent if you aren’t sure.

Some insurance companies require you to track your driving

While some providers will give you a discount based on your previous driving history, others prefer to keep up with your current driving behavior. They do this via
—using an app or plug-in device to track things like:
  • How many miles you drive a day, on average
  • What time of day you usually drive
  • Whether you brake and accelerate harshly
  • How sharply you turn 
  • Whether you use your phone while you’re driving
Telematics programs (sometimes called usage-based insurance) can be a great tool to help you improve your driving because they make you more aware of the spots on your commute where you tend to speed or brake harshly. 
The downside is that your insurance company is also aware of these trouble areas—and in some cases, your rates can even go up after enrolling in telematics due to mistakes behind the wheel.
app screenshot
If you want to learn more about your driving without committing to being tracked by your insurer, download the Jerry app and turn on the option to track your driving. Each time you drive, you’ll receive a map of your trip that pinpoints areas where you might have sped, braked harshly, used your phone, and more. 
Your trips will be averaged together in a driving score—you can earn points based on your driving score that can be redeemed for rewards, and you can even compete with your friends to see who has the highest score. On average, drivers who track their habits with Jerry save about 12% on their premiums with their insurance company.

Most insurance companies offer safe driving discounts

Here’s how some of the most popular insurance providers break down safe driver auto insurance discounts.
Savings for safe driving habits with
Progressive Snapshot
State Farm
Good driver; no accidents; telematics
No moving violations or accidents in the past 3 years
Further savings for maintaining an accident-free record
Savings for safe driving habits with
Drive Safe & Save
No accidents; telematics
Safe Driving bonus program reduces rate every 6 months without an accident
Savings for safe driving habits with
Good driver; telematics
No driving-related accidents, violations, or major comprehensive claims in the household
Savings for safe driving habits with IntelliDrive
No accidents; telematics
No accidents in the past 5 years
Savings for safe driving habits with
Liberty Mutual
No violations; no claims; telematics
No moving violations on your driving record
No claims on your driving history
Savings for safe driving with RightTrack
5 tips for safe driving
1. Stay aware of what's happening around you. Scan the road 12–15 seconds ahead of you while you're driving so you'll be aware of upcoming hazards. Check your rearview and side mirrors frequently, as well.
2. Go the speed limit. Driving too fast can not only increase your chance of getting into an accident, but it also increases the risk that an accident will be very serious.
3. Brake early and gently. Not only is harsh braking tough on your vehicle, but it can catch other drivers off guard—which could increase your chances of an accident.
4. Don't check your phone. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents—use your device's hands-free features or wait until you're safely parked before you use your phone.
5. Limit other distractions in your vehicle. Eating , playing with the radio, and talking to passengers can all distract you while you're driving, which could increase your chances of being in an accident.
More Safe Driving Tips


How does a safe driver discount work?

Your insurance company will determine your eligibility for a safe driver discount based on your history of accidents, traffic violations, and prior insurance claims. If you qualify for the discount, you’ll typically see savings on your auto insurance premium.
Remember that a safe driver discount isn’t the same as a defensive driver discount—though you may be eligible for that discount if you take a defensive driving course.

How long does it take to get a safe driver discount?

The amount of time varies by insurance provider, but you’ll usually need to have a clean driving record for three years to qualify for a safe driver discount.

How much can you save with a safe driver discount?

You’ll typically receive a percentage discount on your auto insurance policy—it can be as much as 30% with some insurance companies.

What data is used to determine a safe driver discount?

Your insurance company will typically pull your motor vehicle report (MVR) and look at your history of claims, accidents, and traffic violations.

What companies give safe driver discounts?

Most major insurance companies offer safe driving discounts, although the amount can vary.

What percentage is a good driver discount?

The amount varies by insurance company, but it can range from 5–30%.

What is the cheapest car insurance for good drivers?

There’s no single car insurance company that offers the lowest rates for good drivers—your rate will be based on your unique profile. Compare car insurance quotes from several insurance companies to find the one that offers you the best discount.

How do you lose a safe driver discount?

You can lose a safe driver discount by getting into an at-fault accident, receiving a moving violation like a speeding ticket or DUI, or filing a significant comprehensive claim on your car insurance policy.

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