2017 Ford Escape Oil Reset

Resetting the oil light on a 2017 Ford Escape involves pushing the gas and brake pedals simultaneously while the car is off. Click to learn how.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessa Claeys
To reset the oil change indicator on a 2017 Ford Escape, push the ENGINE START/STOP button with your foot off the brake pedal. Make sure that the engine is not running, the vehicle doors are closed, and the hood is closed when doing so. 
Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor (IOLM) system keeps track of how many miles you’ve driven since your last oil change and what sorts of conditions you’re driving in. The system will alert you once it determines that your oil only has 15% of its life left. When this alert pops up, change your 2017 Ford Escape’s oil to keep your car running smoothly.
Read on to learn more. We’ll discuss how long your 2017 Ford Escape’s engine oil should last and how to reset the IOLM system to get rid of the “Oil Change Required” message that appears when you start the vehicle.
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How to reset the engine oil maintenance light on a 2017 Ford Escape

The oil light on a 2017 Ford Escape is there to make sure that you change your oil in a timely manner. But in order for it to correctly track how often you should get an oil change, it needs to be reset.
Thankfully, Ford has made the process of resetting the IOLM system quite simple. Here are detailed instructions for doing just that:
  • First, get in the driver’s seat and make sure that the doors and hood are closed.
  • Then, keeping your foot OFF of the brake, push the ENGINE START/STOP button, ensuring that your key fob is with you. This should turn on the vehicle’s electronics without starting the engine, and you should see the “Oil Change Required” message.
  • Ensure that the engine is not running. Then, put one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the brake pedal.
  • Simultaneously, push all the way down on both pedals. Keep holding them, and the following message should appear: “_Service: Oil reset in prog.” Keep holding the pedals down.
  • Once the message changes to “_Service: Oil reset complete,” you can release the pedals.
  • You can further confirm that the oil light has been reset by pressing the START/STOP button to turn the vehicle off and pressing it again to turn it back on. You should no longer see the “Oil Change Required” message upon startup.
Not only will this clear the message, but it will also reset the IOLM system so that you’ll be alerted the next time you need an oil change. That way you can keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended
car maintenance schedule
and preserve the integrity of your vehicle as long as possible.
If the advice listed above isn’t working to reset your oil change reminder, the best course of action is to take your Escape to your local Ford service center.

How often does a 2017 Ford Escape need an oil change?

Ford suggests using synthetic oil and changing a 2017 Ford Escape’s oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. However, you can technically use either conventional or synthetic oil in an Escape. If you’re using conventional oil, you should be changing it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles
Changing your oil is one of the most important parts of regular car maintenance.
Not getting an oil change
for prolonged periods can cause serious engine damage. You can find more information on changing the oil in a 2017 Ford Escape in your
owner’s manual
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