2017 Ford Escape 1.5L Engine Oil Capacity

To change your Ford Escape 1.5-liter engine’s oil, you’ll want to know its oil capacity. Learn more here.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L EcoBoost engine offers its owners a solid balance of power and efficiency. But to get the most miles out of that engine, you’ll need to stay on top of routine oil changes—it helps to know your oil capacity.
Taking care of car maintenance that’s within your comfort zone can help you save a considerable amount of time and money. But to take care of an oil change for your 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L engine the right way, you’ll need to know what kind of oil it uses and its overall oil capacity. 
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2017 Ford Escape 1.5L engine oil capacity

If you’re going to be
change the oil and filter
in your Ford Escape on your own, you’ll want to know how much oil you’ll need. 
The 2017 Ford Escape 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine has an oil capacity of 4.3 quarts or 4.1 liters.
It might be easy to assume the capacity would simply be 1.5 liters, but don’t be fooled, or you might find yourself short on oil! The “1.5 liters” actually refers to engine displacement, or the total volume taken up by the engine’s cylinders. 

What kind of oil does a 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L need?

It’s not enough to know how much oil your 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L engine needs—you’ll also have to know what kind it uses. After all, using an engine oil that’s incompatible with your vehicle could lead to costly engine damage.
For the 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L engine, you’ll need SAE 5W-20 premium synthetic blend motor oil. The “5” here refers to the viscosity or thickness of the oil before startup while the engine is still “cold,” while the “20” refers to its viscosity at hotter engine operating temperatures.
If you live in an extremely cold climate where temperatures could linger as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, Ford recommends using SAE 0W-20 premium synthetic blend motor oil instead. 
Synthetic blend oils are a combination of synthetic and conventional motor oils, which gives you some of the benefits of synthetic oil’s generally increased effectiveness, while making them less expensive than fully synthetic options. 
Ford recommends opting for Motorcraft engine oil as a first pick, but other commercial brands are okay to use as long as they have the necessary requirements, including the correct viscosity grade and an API certification seal. For the motor oil that aligns with all Ford’s recommendations, opt for
Motorcraft synthetic blend engine oil
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How often to change oil on a 2017 Ford Escape 1.5L engine

Knowing what kind of oil your Ford Escape needs and how much is one thing. But how often should you actually change your oil?
The 2017 Ford Escape has an oil life monitoring system that will display an alert on your dashboard when it’s time to change your oil based on how the vehicle has been driven. The alert interval could be up to 10,000 miles—and you shouldn’t drive any longer than that between oil changes, according to Ford. Ford recommends replacing your engine oil within 500 miles of when the alert first came on.
Here’s a look at when you could generally expect to see the oil change reminder come on in your 2017 Ford Escape:
Oil change alert interval
Driving conditions
7,500-10,000 miles
5,000-7,499 miles
Severe (Moderate towing loads, mountain/off-road driving, long idling periods)
3,000-4,999 miles
Extreme (Max towing loads, extreme idling periods, extreme hot/cold temperatures)
If your oil change alert stops working or gets reset prematurely, you should change your Ford's oil every 5,000 miles or every six months as part of its
basic car maintenance schedule
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When you actually need to change the oil on your 2017 Ford Escape’s 1.5L engine depends on what kind of driving conditions you've dealt with and what motor oil you’re using. Rough, dusty roads or frequent stop-and-go traffic can be more strenuous on your vehicle, meaning you’ll need to change your oil sooner.  
Since when you’ll need to change your oil can vary so widely, car experts recommend regularly checking your oil to make sure it’s in good condition and at the proper level. Common recommendations are once a month or whenever you’re refueling your vehicle.  
The following are some signs to watch for that might mean your 2017 Ford Escape is ready for its next oil change:
  • Engine oil has become dark brown or black 
  • Engine oil has a gritty or grainy texture
  • Very low oil level
  • Strange engine noises
  • Burning, smoke, or oil smells from the engine
  • Poor engine performance
  • Check engine light
    has come on
  • Oil change and/or low oil pressure indicator lights have come on

How to change your oil and oil filter

Is it time to get that oil change underway? Once you’ve found the right engine oil, here are a few more items you’ll need:
  • Socket wrench
  • Drain pan
  • Filter wrench (tool for removing old oil filters)
  • New oil filter
  • New washer for the drain bolt
  • Gloves
  • Towel(s) for cleanup
One other consideration: motor oil is an environmentally hazardous material, so you’ll need to dispose of your used motor oil properly—don’t just pour it out on your lawn or down the drain! Many cities, repair shops, and car dealerships have drop-off locations, or other procedures you can follow. 
Once you’ve figured that out and have everything you need, you’re ready to get started! You can begin by starting your engine and letting it run for a few minutes, which warms up the oil and makes it easier to drain. Then, lift up the hood of your car and proceed:
  • Remove the oil fill cap
  • Underneath your vehicle, remove the drain bolt and washer, allowing the used engine oil to drain into the drain pan
  • While you wait for the oil to finish draining, remove the old oil filter and replace it with the new one, following the package instructions
  • When the oil finishes draining, replace the drain bolt using a new washer
  • Refill the engine with fresh oil, using your dipstick to ensure it’s at the proper level
Changing the oil shouldn't take long
, but it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement, and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.
Once you’ve finished, replace the oil fill cap and let your engine run for a few minutes again, watching for any leaks. Don’t forget to reset your oil change reminder inside your car!

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