2013 Ford Focus Fuel Filter Location

The fuel filter in the 2013 Ford Focus is located within the fuel pump. If one malfunctions, both will need to be replaced.
Written by Macy Fouse
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The fuel filter in the 2013 Ford Focus is connected to the fuel pump, which is located within the fuel tank itself. 
As one of the most popular midsize sedans from Ford, the Focus had a prominent spot on the road for almost two decades. The 2013 Focus model has been known to experience some fuel system issues, though, so if you’re driving one, you’ll need to know the specifics about its repair needs.
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Where is the fuel filter on a 2013 Ford Focus?

Regardless of what vehicle you drive, you’ll always find the fuel filter located somewhere between the fuel tank and the engine to clear any contaminants from the gas before it gets to the engine. For the 2013 Ford Focus, the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump and is located within the gas tank.
Just like its name suggests, the fuel filter works to filter any sort of debris or impurities from the fuel before it makes its way from the tank to the fuel injectors. The fuel pump is what moves the gas where it needs to go. In the 2013 Ford Focus, it’s comprised of a fuel level sending unit, a fuel pressure regulator, and the fuel filter, which is an essential part of your car’s functioning
Some older vehicles may have fuel filters that can be replaced separately, but most modern cars—like the 2013 Ford Focus—include the fuel filter within the fuel pump so that they’re always serviced in tandem. As such, these fuel filters are designed to last the lifetime of your car, b ut that doesn’t mean they can’t malfunction.
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Signs of a clogged fuel filter

Now that we know where to find the fuel filter, you’ll also need to be aware of the signs your fuel filter may need to be replaced. Here are the most common signs:
  • Trouble starting the car
  • Poky acceleration
  • Check Engine Light illuminated
  • Loud noises from the fuel pump 
  • Idling, sputtering, and engine misfires
  • Vehicle stalling
  • Strong odors from the exhaust
You’ll also notice reduced fuel economy if your fuel filter is clogged, along with higher emissions levels. This makes it important to service a malfunctioning fuel filter and fuel pump system as soon as you can. 

2013 Ford Focus fuel pump replacement

When it comes time to replace the fuel filter on your 2013 Ford Focus, you’ll have to replace the whole fuel pump since the filter can’t be separated from it. 
Between the replacement pump and labor costs, the price to
replace your fuel pump
on a 2013 Focus averages to be between $770 and $881. This will vary depending on a few different factors, however. Opting for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement, for instance, will likely cost a bit more. 
You can save yourself some cash by choosing an aftermarket retailer like
O’Reilly Auto Parts
. You can also replace your fuel pump at home if you have the skills and confidence!
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