Here’s How to Save Money on Your Car Expenses

From keeping your car for the long haul to finding lower rates from your insurer, here are some helpful tips for how to save on car expenses.
Written by Matt Stalcup
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
refinancing your car loan
and using AI-powered insurance solutions like
to staying on top of maintenance, there are lots of ways to reduce the amount you’re shelling out for your car.
Car ownership can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a money-savvy car owner, you might already know about some of the key ways to cut down on your vehicular budget. But in case you don’t, the car insurance comparison and broker app
has 11 easy ways to do it.
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Save money by buying smart

Keep mileage in mind

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spent
an average of $2,094
fueling their vehicles in 2019—an increase of more than 6% over the prior two years.
Owners of electric vehicles typically spend around
$1,000 less to power their vehicles
for the year. So, if you’re looking to save, going electric is a great idea.

Keep vehicles long term

You might be feeling the itch to buy a new, fancier car—but hold off if you can. Vehicles depreciate significantly every year, meaning you’ll lose that value each time you sell.
When purchasing a vehicle, think about what you need long term and be ready to stick with your decision
until you hit 200,000 on the odometer

Consider buying used

We get that you love the smell, but a new car depreciates even faster than an old one, dropping
20% in value in the first year
and 15% every following year for five years. Settling for a new car scent air freshener might be worth the thousands of dollars you save on resale.

Save money on your insurance

Find a cheaper policy

Shopping for insurance is a bore, and if you aren’t constantly checking updated rates, you could be missing out on major savings.
compares quotes from dozens of insurers to find you the best rate and generates new rates each time your policy renews to ensure you’re getting the best price. Jerry also handles all the paperwork and calls to finalize your new policy and cancel your old one.
"I thought my previous insurance rate was the best I could get, since I have a luxury SUV. After
found me quotes, I ended up paying only $80 a month for the same exact coverage. I’ll be shopping for auto insurance through Jerry from now on!" ––Petra S.

Get lower rates from your existing insurer

You can get a lower monthly premium by increasing your deductible or by dropping unnecessary coverage. If you’re wondering the best way to go about this without putting yourself at risk, you can use
to get in touch with an insurance agent who will guide you through the process.

Save money with frequent maintenance

Change your oil and filters

Without clean oil, your engine could seize or even crack—and rebuilding an engine can cost as much as $4,500.
Remember to check your oil weekly. Keep it full and check to see if it gets dirty (dirty engine oil will look black and thick instead of yellowish and clear). Even if the oil seems clean, change it out along with your filters every 3,000 miles.
Also, make sure to check other fluids while you’re under the hood. Watch out for:
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid

Rotate your tires and keep them inflated

Tires can get out of alignment, causing uneven wear. More weight on a particular tire will not only give you bad handling, but it will wear the tire down faster. To avoid unnecessary replacement costs, get your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
Additionally, make sure your tires are always inflated to the proper pressure limit. A low-pressure tire (or over-inflated one) is more likely to pop. If you’re lucky, you’ll only need to replace the tire—but a popped tire can also lead to an expensive accident.

Pay attention to your brakes

Hear that dreaded squeaking sound? It’s time to replace your brake pads. A worn brake pad will lead to metal-on-metal friction, ultimately destroying your rotors. Heads up—it’s much cheaper to replace the pads!
Compare auto insurance policies
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Save money on your car loan

Shop smart

A car loan is like any other purchase and you should shop around for the best price. Different loan companies offer different rates—and just like insurance policies, these rates change frequently.
to automatically compare the best options and get great loan rates in minutes.

Refinance your loan

If you already have a car loan, you might worry that you’re already locked in. Don’t worry, you can refinance your loan to take advantage of lower interest rates or personal changes, like an improved credit score or new college degree.
can help you out here, too! In addition to new loan purchases, the Jerry app compares refinance options to help you save more.

Pro tip: Jerry is the best way to save

An intelligent, AI-based tool like Jerry is the easiest and most effective way to find a car insurance policy that is customized for you.
After providing you with a comprehensive cross-analysis of the best policies across up to 50 providers, Jerry will handle the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals for your top pick so that you don’t have to. So why do all that extra work when Jerry can do it better?
The average Jerry user saves $897 per year on their car insurance!


How much money can you save by working on your own car?

The average American spends about $397 per year on car repairs. While you can’t fix everything yourself, doing your own repairs can put a big dent in this average.

How can I reduce the cost of ownership of my car?

If you’re wondering how to save on car expenses, there are a number of ways. Making smart purchases, shopping for insurance, completing frequent maintenance, and refinancing auto loans can all help reduce your ownership costs.
Haven’t shopped for insurance in the last six months? There might be hundreds $$$ in savings waiting for you.
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