2005 Ford Ranger Bolt Pattern

Everything you need to know about the 2005 Ford Ranger’s bolt pattern—from stud size and torque specifications to the simple process of measuring for yourself.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
A 2005 Ford Ranger bolt pattern is 5x5 or five on 4.5, meaning each wheel has five bolts forming a circle 4.5-inches in diameter. 
If your 2005 Ford Ranger is showing its age, changing the rims is a quick way to give your truck a stylish upgrade. Before you rush out to the auto parts store, you need to know your Ranger’s unique bolt pattern and a few important wheel measurements.
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2005 Ford Ranger bolt pattern

The bolt pattern for any Ford Ranger
from 1983 to 2011 is 5x4.5, or five on 4.15-inches. This might sound a little strange if you don’t know what a bolt pattern means, but it’s simple! Each bolt or lug pattern is expressed in this formula:
# of bolts x diameter of the circle they form
Basically, a 5x4.5 bolt pattern means your Ranger’s wheels each have five lugs arranged in a 4.5-inch circle. It’s easy to memorize this pattern, but if you want to swap out wheels, you also need to know your Ford Ranger’s stud size, wheel offset, center bore measurement, and the torque specifications: 
  • Factory wheel size: 14”, 15”, or 16”
  • Stud size: 12mm x 1.5 (1/2 mm stud thread with 1.5mm thread spacing)
  • Offset: -10 to 18 mm
  • Center bore: 70.6 mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 135 Nm
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How to measure your Ford Ranger’s bolt pattern

If you make note of these measurements, you should be good to go for changing out your Ranger’s wheels. But if you want to check the measurement yourself, it only takes a moment and a measuring tape or ruler.
Pick any bolt and measure from the outer edge of the lug hole to the center of the opposite bolt. Since the Ranger has five bolts, you’ll end up in between bolts if you measure straight across, so choose either of the two bolts on the opposite side of the one you chose, then measure to the center. 
That measurement is your diameter. Put that together with the number of bolts, and you’ve got your bolt pattern!
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The bolt pattern on a 2005 Ranger is 5x4.5—five bolts in a 4.5-diameter circle.
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