Will my GEICO insurance go up if someone hits me?

GEICO won’t raise your premium after a no-fault accident, but you might lose your accident-free discount. Keep reading to learn more!
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Accidents happen, and car insurance providers know this better than anyone! So what happens if you’re in an accident, but it’s not your fault? GEICO typically won’t raise your premium, but you might lose your accident-free discount if applicable.
There’s a lot to deal with
after a car accident
—you might need medical care, and your car might need repairs or even replacement. The last thing you want is to see your
car insurance
costs go up, especially since the accident wasn’t your fault. Fortunately, car insurance companies like GEICO can work with you to submit a claim and get the help you need without seeing your premium go through the roof. 
We’ll answer your questions about GEICO insurance rates after an accident, and we’ll walk you through submitting a claim, so let’s get into it!

Do GEICO insurance rates go up after a no-fault accident?

Your insurance rate typically won’t go up after an accident if you weren’t at fault
Some states like
prohibit insurance providers from raising rates for a not-at-fault driver in an accident. However, you could always lose a claims history discount when you file a no-fault car accident insurance claim, in which case, you will see a slight increase in your premium.
Usually, GEICO rewards drivers with a
good driving record discount
if they haven’t been in an accident or submitted a claim in the past five years. That said, GEICO will look at your driving record, the number of claims you’ve submitted in the past, the payout amount of your GEICO claims, and whether you have accident forgiveness to determine your base insurance rate.
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How much do GEICO car insurance rates increase after a car accident?

At-fault drivers usually see their average rates increase by 79% if it’s their first at-fault accident and the property damage claim is valued at $750 or more. GEICO could increase the premium by 160% for repeat offenders!
Remember, you shouldn’t see a dramatic increase in your auto insurance premium if you’re not at fault, but you could lose any related discounts.
Suppose GEICO does choose to raise your auto insurance rates, or you lose your accident-free discount. In that case, GEICO will contact you about 30 days before your new policy information and premium amounts are due for renewal. You can contact customer service at 1-800-861-8380 to talk to one of their licensed insurance agents if you have questions.

Does GEICO have accident forgiveness?

Yes, GEICO offers
accident forgiveness
in every state except California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Policyholders can earn accident forgiveness as a reward for not filing a claim within the past five years or pay to put this on their policy if eligible.
Accident forgiveness only applies to your first at-fault accident. GEICO will waive the surcharge for the accident, keep it off your driving record, and prevent your car insurance premium from going up. You won’t lose any eligible discounts, either.
But accident forgiveness only works once per policy—not per driver. But that should only matter if you have multiple drivers insured under a single policy. 
Not sure if you’ve got accident forgiveness? It’s easy to check!
Log in to your GEICO
account and select your policy. You’ll see a notification that you’ve earned accident forgiveness as a reward, or you’ll see it listed as an upgrade to the auto insurance policy.
While you’re logged into your account, you can also see what type of driver’s insurance you’ve got, whether it’s full coverage like
collision coverage
comprehensive coverage
or just
liability insurance

How to file an auto insurance claim with GEICO

There are three simple ways to
file an insurance claim
with GEICO. Call them at 1-800-841-3000 and speak to a customer service representative, or submit a report online. Use the GEICO Mobile app or head to
GEICO’s website
Here’s some of the information you’ll need to provide:
  • Whether or not you’re a GEICO policyholder
  • Your contact and policy information
  • Date and time of the car accident
  • Location of the incident
  • A brief explanation of the accident
  • Police report, if available
  • Photographs, if possible
Try to file your claim as soon as possible so you don’t forget details or delay the process. GEICO might want to send an agent or
insurance claims adjuster
to come and inspect your vehicle. This way, they can determine the extent of the damage.
Once GEICO gives you the all-clear to use your vehicle or you get a rental, schedule repairs. Talk with GEICO to find out if they’ll reimburse you for auto repairs after you pay the deductible or if they’ll send you funds first.
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Call GEICO, use their mobile app, or head to the website to file an auto accident claim. Include your policy and contact information, a brief explanation of the accident (and who’s at fault), and a description of the damage to your vehicle. 
Pay the deductible for your auto policy and follow up with GEICO’s claims adjustor if they want to inspect your car. Then, track your accident claim and get reimbursement for damages.
You don’t have to, and there are some cases where it’s unnecessary—especially if you’ll see your rate increase because you lose a discount. You might not want to submit a claim if there’s not much damage or if the other driver offers to settle the bills privately. 
If you’ve submitted several claims (even to other auto insurance companies), submitting another one for a minor incident could see your car insurance rates increase dramatically.
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