Does Progressive Have a Paid-in-Full Discount?

Progressive offers a paid-in-full discount to its policyholders, but how much you save isn’t specified.
Written by Maria Cruz
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offers a
paid-in-full discount
for its policyholders if you pay for six months of insurance coverage upfront. The discount, however, isn’t available in California.

Does Progressive have a paid-in-full discount?

Yes, Progressive does offer a paid-in-full discount for those who pay for their six-month insurance policy upfront. How much you save will vary—in order to find your exact amount, contact Progressive directly.
The good news is that if you can’t pay your whole premium upfront, you can still save. Progressive also offers a discount if you set up monthly automatic payments from a checking account or your debit or credit card.

The discount varies for commercial car insurance

Commercial Progressive customers can expect to see a few more obstacles with a pay in full discount. While most policyholders can save up to 15% on their auto policy, the discount:
Does not extend to residents of California or Washington D.C.
Excludes premium financing and select six-month policies in Florida
Does not apply to UM/UIM on certain market tiers and state renewals

Other ways to save with Progressive

It’s a lot of money to pay for a six-month policy term upfront, and if that option isn’t right for you, you can still lower your car insurance rates with
Progressive’s other discounts
Students 23 or younger can save an average of 10% with a good student discount if they maintain a B average or higher.
Homeowner discount
You can save up to 10% on your car insurance policy simply for owning a home. Plus, the home does not have to be insured with Progressive. 
Progressive’s telematics program that monitors your driving habits in real-time. It rewards good drivers with clean driving records with a discount of $231 a year on average.
If you purchase more than one policy through Progressive, such as bundling your auto insurance with home insurance or renters insurance, you can save an average of 5%.
If you have more than one vehicle on your auto policy, you can save up to 12% on your insurance premium.
Online quote discount
You will get an average discount of 7% by going paperless with an online car insurance quote instead of calling a licensed insurance agent. This discount applies even if a Progressive representative finalizes your policy over the phone.
You can save by setting up autopay installments to a checking account, credit card, or debit card, but keep in mind that this discount cannot be combined with the pay-in-full discount. 
Continuous insurance discount
Progressive customers can save in a variety of ways based on how long they’ve been insured with the provider. Benefits range from large accident forgiveness to teen driver discounts.
If a full-time student lives more than 100 miles from home and leaves their car at home, they may be eligible for savings.
Paperless discount
If you store your policy documents online, you may be eligible for a discount.


Does Progressive have a paid-in-full discount?

Yes, Progressive has a paid-in-full discount, though the exact amount you save will vary.

What does paid in full discount mean?

Insurance companies will often offer motorists a discount for paying their premiums in full. Exact savings will vary across insurance providers,

What are the benefits of paying Progressive insurance in full?

Progressive doesn’t specify how much you’ll save, but if you pay for a six-month policy upfront, you do receive a discount.

Does Progressive offer any other car insurance discounts?

Yes, Progressive has quite a few discounts you can take advantage of. You can save by going paperless, signing documents online, or with Snapshot, the telematics program that rewards safe driving.

What other car insurance companies offer paid in full discounts?

Allstate, Farmers, American Family, and Travelers all offer paid-in-full discounts.

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