How Speeding Tickets Affect Progressive Car Insurance

Progressive customers with a speeding ticket pay an average of 15% more for car insurance than those without for an average of 3–5 years.
Written by Sarah Gray
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customers with a speeding ticket pay an average of 15% more for
car insurance
than those without—and they keep paying the increased car insurance rate for three to five years. 

Here’s how a speeding ticket could impact your Progressive auto insurance

A speeding ticket will affect your Progressive car insurance policy in two ways:
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Rate increases
Progressive reports that drivers with a speeding ticket paid an average of 15% more for a six-month full coverage car insurance policy than those with a
clean driving record
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Policy impacts
Generally, a speeding ticket will lead to a surcharge that increases your rates for a specific period. But if you accumulate enough tickets, you could see an increase in your policy’s base rate—and that increase never goes away.
Worse still, your speeding could mark you as a high-risk driver—and if Progressive determines you’re too much of a risk, they could drop your coverage altogether.

A speeding ticket could increase your Progressive rates for up to 5 years

How long your speeding ticket will affect your Progressive rates has less to do with Progressive than it does with your state’s record-keeping practices. 
Typically, a ticket stays on your driving record for three to five years—that’s also typically when you should see your
rates begin to reduce
after a ticket.
Pro Tip: Some states will allow you to get tickets expunged from your record more quickly by completing a defensive driving course. To see if this is an option in your state, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How to maintain affordable insurance after a speeding ticket

Once you’ve finished handling your speeding ticket, it’s time to focus on keeping your insurance rates affordable. Here’s how.

Step 1: Check your renewal date and focus on safe driving

Progressive won’t increase your insurance rates until your policy renews. Since Progressive’s policy terms range from six to 12 months, you could have several months of low rates to enjoy before you see that speeding ticket surcharge.
In the meantime, focus on safe driving to avoid any additional tickets. If you use
Progressive’s Snapshot app
, you may already be familiar with how safe driving can save you money—but it can earn you points and perks, too.
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When you use
DriveShield tool to track your driving habits, you’ll earn points toward rewards while also engaging in the behaviors that lead to insurance discounts through Snapshot.
You’ll be able to double-dip the benefits of safe driving by using both apps to track your trips.

Step 2: Compare auto insurance quotes

Before policy renewal, Progressive will check your most recent
motor vehicle report (MVR)
, and learn of your speeding ticket. As a result, you may see a surcharge listed on your renewal letter, as well as any changes to your base rate that indicate your new increased policy premium.
Progressive notes that they don’t typically increase car insurance premiums for a first speeding ticket in a three-year period, though you might lose any good driver discounts you had.1 But if you get two or more tickets in three years, you’ll definitely see an increase—plus, you’ll typically pay higher rates at renewal regardless of whether you have new moving violations or traffic tickets on your record.
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Armed with your new rate, it’s time to
do some comparison shopping
to see if staying with Progressive is the right move, or if you should switch to a new car insurance company.
Jerry can help you compare multiple car insurance quotes, all of which will take your updated driving record into account.
While it’s important to reshop rates after getting a speeding ticket, you should always reshop at renewal to make sure you maintain the lowest rates. Insurance experts estimate about 70% of drivers leave money on the table each year by choosing to auto-renew with their current provider rather than shop around for lower car insurance costs.2

Step 3: Get proactive with your policy

You have more options for lowering rates than just reshopping. Here are few hacks you can use to keep your rates as low as possible:
  • Raise your deductibles: The more you’re willing—and able—to pay to repair damages, the less your provider will charge you for coverage.
  • Work on your credit: Your credit score impacts your insurance rates in all but four U.S. states. Drivers with good credit are more likely to see low insurance rates.
  • Check out car insurance discounts: Take advantage of discounts for things like bundling homeowners or renters insurance with auto coverage and paid-in-full discounts. Discounts may not completely offset an insurance rate increase, but they can certainly take the edge off.


How much does one point affect insurance in California?

A one-point increase on your
California driving record
could have anywhere from no impact to an average 10% increase in auto insurance rates, depending on your auto insurance company. 

Did Progressive raise their rates?

Progressive raised rates in 15 states at the beginning of 2023 in response to record losses and continuing post-pandemic economic pressures.3 But they weren’t alone, other providers that raised average rates include GEICO, State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide.

Does insurance go up after one speeding ticket?

Insurance can (and likely will) go up after one speeding violation, but it depends on your previous driving history, your insurance provider, and the number of points assigned to you (if any). Each insurer uses its own methodology to determine how infractions like speeding tickets and DUIs and driver’s license points will affect your policy rates.

How long does a speeding ticket affect your insurance in Washington State?

Speeding tickets remain on your
Washington State driving record
for 3 years, so you should expect increased rates as a result for at least that long.

How much time does a speeding ticket affect your insurance?

A speeding ticket can affect your insurance for one to five years depending on the state you live in and the provider you use for car insurance.

What is the penalty for speeding in Arizona?

Fines and penalties for speeding are set by individual courts in Arizona. To see how much you’ll pay for an
Arizona speeding ticket
, visit the
Arizona Department of Public Safety’s website
How your ticket will affect your
Arizona driving record
depends on whether you’re convicted of a civil traffic violation or a criminal traffic violation. Depending on the conviction, you could have anywhere from 4 to 8 points added to your record for speeding in Arizona.

What does it mean to have a clean driving record?

If you have no accumulated violation points, at-fault accidents, convictions, tickets, or claims, then you have a clean driving record. A
clean driving record
is the result of being a safe driver and will result in the cheapest car insurance rates.

What are the penalties for three speeding tickets in Ohio?

If you receive three speeding tickets in Ohio within one year, you’ll be charged with a fourth-degree misdemeanor. This is punishable by fines of up to $250 and up to 30 days in jail.4

What is the fastest you can go in a school zone in Ohio?

In Ohio, school zones carry a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. This is the fastest you can travel—legally and safely—within an Ohio school zone.5

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