What Is a Multi-Line Insurance Discount?

A multi-line insurance discount is offered to customers who buy multiple insurance policies from the same provider. Click here to learn more.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Jessa Claeys
A multi-line discount is a type of policy discount given to customers who buy multiple lines of insurance from the same provider. Often referred to as bundling, this type of discount usually offers savings of up to 15% across all insurance products.
If you’ve ever bought
car insurance
or even just seen an insurance provider’s commercial on TV, then you’ve probably heard of a bundling discount.
Offering a home insurance and auto insurance bundle
for a discounted rate is an advertising strategy that has been adopted by most insurance companies. And many customers take advantage of this offer to save money across the board.
A multi-line discount is essentially just a different way to refer to the same thing. Keep reading for everything there is to know about multi-line discounts, plus some extra tips to save even more on your insurance policies!

What is a multi-line discount?

A multi-line discount is rewarded to customers who buy multiple insurance products from the same provider—like car insurance and
homeowners insurance
. This is sometimes referred to as a bundling or multi-policy discount.
This discount is often applied to auto policies and home policies but can also be used to bundle
renters insurance
, life insurance policies, and more. There are
pros and cons of bundling
insurance products, but the pros almost always outweigh the cons.
Insurance companies prefer multi-line insurance policies over a single line because they can get more money and a better understanding of a policyholder’s circumstances and potential risk factors. Meanwhile, you get all the insurance coverage you need at a discounted rate, while also limiting the amount of paperwork you have to fill out in the process.
The only major downside of multi-line discounts is that they’re harder to get insurance quotes for. You won’t always be able to use an online tool to apply for a quote like you would for a single line of insurance. Instead, you’ll have to call an insurance agent to get an accurate estimate.
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What insurance providers offer multi-line discounts?

Most insurance providers have adopted multi-line discounts, although you’re likely to get better savings from name-brand insurance companies. Remember to look at insurance companies that specialize in more than just one type of coverage!
State Farm
, and
offer some of the most competitive multi-line discounts in the country.
are also popular companies for insurance bundling.
When in doubt, talk to an insurance agent to see if their company offers a bundling discount. You could also go through a broker that will shop around with multiple insurers for you. 
Note that if your current insurer won’t reward you if you add a line of coverage, you may be better off
switching insurance companies

How much can you save with a multi-line insurance discount?

The savings for a multi-line insurance discount vary from provider to provider and depend on where you live, but the average policyholder saves 15% when they bundle home and auto insurance.

What are other ways to save on car insurance?

Insurance companies offer plenty of other ways to save on coverage. Here are a few of our favorite ways to lower your car insurance premium.

Insure multiple vehicles under one policy

Similar to a multi-line insurance policy, you can also save money by insuring multiple vehicles with the same provider. Some companies, like Allstate, carry discounts for multi-vehicle policies, while other companies, like GEICO, offer lower
quotes for multi-car insurance policies

Ask about other policy discounts

Bundling discounts aren’t the only auto insurance discounts out there! Insurance companies tend to offer several different types of car insurance discounts: policy, vehicle, usage-based, and driver profile discounts, to name a few.
Common policy discounts include multi-line discounts, switching to paperless billing, setting up autopay, or getting a paid-in-full discount by opting for a prepaid premium over monthly payments.
An example of a vehicle discount would be earning lower rates for having certain safety features installed on your car. Alternatively, enrolling in a
program that reports your
safe-driving habits
or low annual mileage could earn you a usage-based discount.

Compare offers from multiple providers

A surefire way to make sure you’re paying as little as possible is by comparing insurance quotes from multiple providers to find the best price.
Insurance companies have different methodologies when it comes to setting rates. Typically, you can compare
car insurance quotes online
, but that can get a little tricky if you’re trying to get quotes for a multi-line policy. However, there are a few services out there that can gather quotes for home and auto insurance bundles on your behalf.
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