American Automobile Association
, or AAA, offers
full coverage car insurance
that includes state minimum coverage plus collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Everything AAA’s full coverage auto insurance policies include

“Full coverage” isn’t a specific
car insurance
product that you can purchase through an insurance company, but with AAA auto insurance (and with most insurance providers), it typically refers to a policy that includes three main
types of coverage
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Liability insurance
A requirement in nearly every state,
liability insurance
bodily injury liability
property damage liability
to cover vehicle damage and medical expenses for other drivers if you’re at fault in an accident.
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Collision insurance
AAA’s collision coverage reimburses you for damage caused by a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object.
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Comprehensive insurance
If your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a non-accident event (e.g., severe weather, theft, vandalism), comprehensive coverage will pay for it.
If your state mandates
medical payments coverage (MedPay)
personal injury protection (PIP)
, and/or
underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
, they will also be included in your AAA full coverage policy.

Add-ons for a full coverage AAA car insurance policy

Despite its name, a full coverage policy doesn’t fill in all of the gaps. To optimize your protection, consider adding these coverage options to your insurance plan:
  • Accident forgiveness
    : When you’re involved in your first at-fault accident, AAA won’t surcharge your policy—though you might lose any good driver discounts you had.
  • Roadside assistance
    : AAA is known for its roadside assistance and you don’t need a AAA policy to get it since this add-on is separate from their coverage options. You will, however, need to purchase a AAA membership.
  • Gap insurance
    : This insurance add-on will cover the difference between what you owe on your leased or financed car and your car’s actual cash value.
  • Rental reimbursement
    : While your car is being repaired in the shop, rental reimbursement will pay for your rental car costs.
To get AAA insurance or purchase roadside assistance, you need to be a
AAA member
. AAA offers everyday, basic, plus, and premier memberships depending on your coverage needs. Higher rates include additional benefits—like a free one-day car rental with towing in the Premier Tier package—while lower costs come with roadside assistance restrictions.

What isn’t covered by a AAA full coverage policy?

AAA full coverage typically covers damages that you cause to others, as well as your medical expenses and damage to your vehicle. If you want anything beyond that covered, you’ll need to add additional coverage options. Here are a few that AAA offers:
  • Custom equipment coverage
  • New car replacement coverage
  • Gap insurance
  • Rideshare insurance
Note that AAA does not offer services to every driver—all insurance options are only accessible with a membership, and add-on coverage selections for full coverage policies may be limited to specific states.

AAA full coverage policies cost around $2,796 annually

The average cost AAA policyholders pay for a full coverage option is generally around $2,796 per year—putting the cost of a AAA insurance premium well over the national average of $2,264 annually. 
But that doesn’t mean this is the cost you’ll pay. Like all insurance companies, AAA calculates individual insurance costs based on your age, gender, vehicle type, credit score, and more. If your profile aligns with AAA’s algorithm and you’ve maintained a
clean driving record
and good credit, you’ll have the best chance of scoring affordable rates on your coverage.

Does AAA offer the best full coverage insurance?

AAA’s strength is in its roadside assistance, and there are several variables in the type of coverage you can access with AAA since it operates on a state level. 
Although AAA offers access to discounts and benefits through companies like ​​Hertz, Thrifty Car Rentals, and Dollar Rent-A-Car for those with a zest for travel, it has room for improvement in the customer service department, according to customer reviews.
Fulfill requirements from your lender
Maintain peace of mind in high-risk areas for theft and severe weather
Submit an insurance claim for your totaled vehicle
A membership through AAA is required
Your insurance company might not transfer if you move to a new state
It’s a more expensive option than liability coverage
Even with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a respectable 4.1 out of 5 rating from J.D. Power, customer reviews indicate the level of service and user experience on AAA’s website could be better.
The only surefire way to determine if AAA should be your full coverage source is to compare its rates with at least three to five car insurance quotes from different companies.
app screenshot
With the
app, you can use a single profile to compare quotes from 55+ providers and see the most affordable options for you.
That might include AAA—or it might not.
Once you find the perfect policy, you’ll be able to customize your coverage and deductibles, finalize your rate, and purchase the policy right in the app.
If you’re not quite ready to buy, you can schedule your policy start date up to 28 days in advance.
The above quotes are for a 35-year-old female in Austin, Texas who drives a 2023 Honda Civic, has a clean driving record, good credit, and owns her own home.
Remember: If the price tag for full coverage insurance through AAA is causing some hesitation, you can explore programs like AAADrive™ or AAA Onboard®, or ask if you’re eligible for any of the company’s car insurance discounts.

Is a AAA full-coverage auto insurance policy worth it?

Depending on where you live, what your finances look like, and what perks you’re aiming to access, full coverage through AAA could be a great choice for you.
If you’re set on AAA and are planning to finance or lease a vehicle, you’ll most likely need to add full insurance coverage to your policy. Although it’s not required by the state, it’s usually a requirement from lenders. Even with a vehicle you own outright, it’s still a good idea to upgrade to full coverage. 
But if your profile aligns better with a different insurance company, you can always opt for AAA roadside assistance only and continue to purchase an insurance policy through another provider. 


Why is AAA insurance so expensive?

AAA insurance is generally more expensive than other providers because they don’t write their own policies. In addition, inflation and supply chain shortages are also contributing to higher car insurance rates across all providers.

What is the cheapest full-coverage car insurance?

No company provides the ‘cheapest full coverage’ policy. Rather, your full coverage car insurance rates will be tailored to your specific driver profile. Companies like Progressive, Safeco, and Nationwide are known for their relatively cheaper car insurance rates overall. 

What is AAA comprehensive coverage?

AAA comprehensive coverage will pay for any non-collision-related damages to your vehicle, including severe weather, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

What does full coverage mean on a car?

A full coverage policy consists of liability car insurance, comprehensive insurance, and collision insurance.

How much is a AAA full coverage policy?

AAA’s full coverage policies often cost around $2,796 per year. If you add other insurance options, like rental reimbursement or gap coverage to your policy, your premiums can increase.

Does AAA require a membership to access full coverage insurance?

You need a AAA membership to access any AAA insurance features and benefits.

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