Your Guide to Wawanesa Full Coverage

If you’re in California or Oregon, Wawanesa offers some of the best car insurance rates on full coverage policies, which include liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.
Written by Jaya Anandjit
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Full coverage
auto insurance with Wawanesa includes basic liability, collision insurance, and comprehensive coverage. If you live in California or Oregon, Wawanesa offers some of the best deals on full car insurance coverage.

Here’s what Wawanesa full coverage policies include

While Wawanesa doesn’t offer an official “full coverage” policy, you can get a
car insurance
plan with the following types of coverage to achieve full coverage:
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Mandated for drivers in almost all US states, this coverage includes
bodily injury liability
insurance and
property damage liability
insurance to pay for vehicle repairs and medical bills for other drivers if you’re found to be at fault in an accident.
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Wawanesa collision coverage pays to repair or replace your car if damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object. You must pay your deductible first.
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Comprehensive coverage pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it was damaged by something other than a collision, like theft, fire, storm, vandalism, or hitting an animal. You must pay your deductible first.

Add-ons for a full coverage Wawanesa car insurance policy

While the name may imply that full coverage offers protection for everything, it’s important to note that there are many perils it doesn’t cover. 
Wawanesa offers a handful of other additional coverage options to add to your policy for optimal protection.
Optional coverage
What it covers
Available in
Helps pay for medical bills and repairs if the other driver is at fault and they don’t have insurance. 
California & Oregon
Helps cover medical bills or related expenses if you or your passengers are injured. This coverage also protects you and your family if you’re injured by a vehicle while walking or riding a bike.
California & Oregon
Helps ease the cost of expenses related to any injuries you, your passengers, or your resident relatives sustain in a car accident. 
This coverage isn’t required in California, but it’s mandatory for Oregon drivers. 
California & Oregon
Offers towing, battery jumpstarts, fuel delivery, tire changes, or locksmith services if your vehicle leaves you in a bind on the road.
California & Oregon
Helps pay rental car fees while your car is being repaired for a collision or comprehensive claim. This coverage is automatically included on any Wawanesa policy with comprehensive or collision coverage in Oregon.
California & Oregon
Special vehicle equipment coverage
Pays the additional cost if your modified car equipment (e.g. electronic equipment, specialized wheels, engine accessories, or anti-theft equipment) is damaged in an accident covered by your comprehensive or collision coverage. 
California & Oregon
Vehicle manufacturer replacement parts
Pays to replace or repair parts or property with original equipment manufacturer parts, up to your policy limits and minus your deductible.
California & Oregon
Vehicles under lease or loans typically require full coverage. Rather than a state requirement, full coverage on leased vehicles is a lender requirement. Speak with your lender to determine how much coverage you need for your vehicle.

What isn’t covered by a Wawanesa full coverage policy?

A full coverage Wawanesa policy will offer protection for claims that other drivers make for vehicle repairs or medical bills after an accident that you cause; claims that you file for damage to your vehicle from perils such as severe weather, theft, vandalism, or fires; and your claims for collision damage. 
Here’s what a full coverage policy will not cover:
Not covered by Wawanesa full coverage
Here’s what you’ll need to add
Medical bills for your injuries incurred through auto accidents
PIP or MedPay
Rehabilitation care, lost income, psychiatric care, and childcare costs resulting from a car accident
Nursing services and funeral expenses after an accident
PIP or MedPay
Flat tires, jumpstarts, lockout services, and towing
Roadside assistance
Medical bills or property damage coverage for you after a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver
Uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage
Transportation costs while your vehicle is in the shop after a claim
Car rental expenses coverage
Damage to your modified vehicle equipment
Special vehicle equipment coverage

Wawanesa full coverage policies cost around $1,612

Wawanesa full coverage policies cost an average of $1,6121 per year, which falls well below the national average of $2,264. 
You might receive a lower quote from Wawanesa than other insurance providers but your Wawanesa car insurance rates will vary based on your driver profile, including your location, age, claims history, and driving record.
app screenshot
Before you commit to a Wawanesa policy, be sure to compare
auto insurance quotes
from a few different providers to ensure you’re getting the lowest rate for your profile and full coverage needs. 
The Jerry app is a great tool for insurance shopping as you can build a driver profile in the app and compare quotes from different providers to find the cheapest insurance premiums.

Does Wawanesa offer the best full coverage insurance?

While Wawanesa is one of the highest-rated insurers in California and Oregon, it’s not necessarily any better than any other provider when it comes to coverage. 
So what accounts for that excellent reputation? Cheaper auto insurance rates. Because Wawanesa generally only offers insurance to safe drivers, they can offer cheaper rates for California and Oregon residents than most national and regional companies. 
Wawanesa is also a standout when it comes to customer satisfaction. In fact, Wawanesa has been J.D. Power’s highest-ranking car insurer in California for the last four years.2 The insurance provider also earns excellent financial stability ratings.
All providers use a different algorithm to
determine rates
, so your age, location, credit score, driving record, and gender can all impact the cost of your premiums. For the most part, drivers with clean driving records or just one at-fault accident will find the best deals on full coverage with Wawanesa. But other companies like
, or
State Farm
may provide you with cheaper rates on the same coverage depending on your specific profile.
The only way to know for sure if a Wawanesa full coverage policy is your best option is to compare at least three to five quotes from different car insurance companies. You can get a quote on Wawanesa’s website, call an agent, or use a mobile broker to compare real-time insurance rates from multiple companies.

Is a Wawanesa full-coverage auto insurance policy worth it?

Wawanesa full coverage car insurance may be worth it if you live in California or Oregon. Here are a few pros and cons to weigh before you commit to a Wawanesa policy.
You’ll be eligible to file a claim for a totaled vehicle
You’ll have some peace of mind in high-crime areas or during severe weather events
You’ll fulfill any requirements set by your lender or leasing company
Wawanesa full coverage car insurance rates are lower than the national average
Your premiums will likely increase after a claim
You will need to pay a
before collision or comprehensive coverage pays for your bills
Key Takeaway: The pros of buying a full coverage policy from Wawanesa outweigh the cons. Wawanesa full coverage policies are cheaper on average, provide ample coverage for the average driver, and help drivers fulfill their leasing or lending requirements.


What is included in full coverage?

Full coverage car insurance includes state-mandated coverage such as liability insurance, plus collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. For example, a full coverage policy in California will include $15,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person, $30,000 of bodily injury liability per accident, $5,000 of property damage liability coverage per accident, as well as collision and comprehensive coverage.

What is the cheapest full-coverage car insurance?

The cheapest full-coverage car insurance policy will include your state’s minimum car insurance limits and comprehensive and collision coverage with the highest available deductible (typically $1,000). 

Does Wawanesa full coverage cover other drivers?

Car insurance typically follows the vehicle rather than the driver, so if another driver is behind the wheel of your car, they will be protected by the coverage on your policy. 

Why is full coverage insurance so high?

Full coverage car insurance policies cost more than state minimum coverage because they include insurance protection for repairs or replacements if your vehicle is damaged. Collision and comprehensive insurance add a risk of more claims to your policy, which increases your rate.

What is the difference between full coverage and liability insurance?

Liability insurance pays for the other driver’s vehicle repairs and medical bills following an accident that you cause. Furthermore, full coverage offers liability insurance alongside collision and comprehensive coverage, which allows you to file a claim for your vehicle after a collision or damage from things like severe weather, vandalism, fires, floods, or theft. 
Most policyholders also increase their liability coverage limits when they purchase a full coverage policy.

How much does full coverage insurance cost?

Full coverage car insurance costs an average of $2,264 per year. In comparison, state minimum liability coverage costs $1,526, on average.

What are the different types of full coverage insurance?

Full coverage insurance includes two types of auto insurance coverage that state minimum insurance doesn’t offer. 
The first type of coverage, collision insurance, covers damage to your vehicle from a collision with another vehicle, a stationary object, or if your car is hit while parked. 
The second type of coverage, comprehensive insurance, will cover compensation for your vehicle repairs or replacements if it is damaged from a falling object, floods, vandalism, and more. 

What is the best full-coverage insurance company?

There isn’t a single insurance company that consistently offers the best rates and service for full coverage, but drivers often get affordable full coverage policies from GEICO, State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, and USAA.

Does Wawanesa full coverage cover towing?

Wawanesa full coverage does not cover towing. For towing and labor coverage, you’ll need to add roadside assistance to your policy.

Where is Wawanesa auto insurance available?

Wawanesa insurance is available in California, Oregon, and Canada.

Does Wawanesa offer auto insurance discounts?

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