The Top 5 Reasons You Should Already Be Using the Jerry App

Jerry is the only app that helps drivers shop for insurance, refinance loans, manage repairs and maintenance, and become safer drivers.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Edited by Jessica Barrett
Reviewed by Brice Regling
is more than a
car insurance
comparison app—it’s the app all car owners need to streamline their automotive finances. 
Why? From insurance shopping and auto loan refinance to car maintenance reminders, repair estimates, and safe driving rewards, Jerry is the AllCar™ app that does more for car owners than any other app. 

1. Jerry keeps your car insurance low year-round

Most people shop for
auto insurance quotes
once or twice in their life. They find a company they recognize, request a quote, buy the policy—and then keep paying the rate they’re given for 10 years or more.
Jerry works differently. We know
the insurance industry is changing
all the time, and we give drivers the power to change their rates along with it.
app screenshot
Jerry is a licensed insurance broker backed by a team of independent insurance agents and a best-in-class app.
Jerry finds real car insurance quotes in your area with the maximum savings for your profile—for free.
Jerry partners with over 55 top-ranked insurance providers across the country, from big names like
, and
to smaller regional carriers like Aspen and Bluefire Insurance. You can also bundle your auto quotes with quotes for homeowners and renters insurance for an extra layer of savings. 
No matter where you live, we know where to find the best car insurance. 
app screenshot
But the savings don't stop after you purchase a policy. 
Jerry checks for new quotes any time your car insurance policy is up for renewal, plus whenever we add a new insurer to our platform, so that you never miss a chance to save.
With Jerry, car insurance comparison isn’t a one-time thing. With insurance rates changing constantly, our insurance agency helps drivers find and maintain affordable premiums every single day. That’s why added Jerry to its list of
the top 10 insurance apps
—the only broker app to make the list! 

How to get Jerry

To get the Jerry app and save on car insurance:
app screenshot
  1. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. Enter your phone number to create an account. 
  3. Answer the sign-up questions and request your first quotes.
By Gabby T.
Reviewed on 10/31/2020
You’ll Thank me Later
When I was introduced to this app I was paying $140/month for car insurance, I’ve used this app for 6 mo for $91/month, I just got new quotes this morning and am now paying $50/mo for FULL coverage!!!!!!

2. Jerry keeps your information private

One of the worst parts of shopping for car insurance quotes online is the risk of spam calls. Unlike other online insurance comparison services, Jerry never sells your personal information or shares it with anyone but you and your insurance company without your specific consent. 
When you create an account with Jerry and request insurance quotes,
we request certain information
from you (like your name, contact info, and vehicle information) and from third parties (like your credit history and insurance information). We use that information: 
  • To gather insurance offers that you qualify for
  • To ensure your quotes are as accurate as possible 
  • To communicate with you via the app, text message, email, and phone
  • To develop our products and services 
In a recent report on the
privacy pitfalls of online insurance shopping
, Consumer Reports praised Jerry’s privacy policy for being clear and specific about when and why your information is used. 
We never sell or share your information without your permission—and you decide when, how, and how often you hear from us. 
app screenshot
Don't like to talk on the phone? Don't want constant notifications from your insurance app? 
You choose how you shop with Jerry.
No unwanted phone calls, emails, or texts: that’s the future of car insurance.
By Amaya R.
Reviewed on 2/25/2022
The best!
Everything is so easy, everything in one place, and no one is blowing you up with calls, texts and emails from spammers that aren’t legit…they don’t sell your info either to a ton of companies that blow you up. Simple, efficient, fast, and all of my info, reminders, maintenance, recalls, policy Info, etc is in one place. Love it!
Learn more:
Is Jerry legit?

3. Jerry can lower your car payment

In addition to saving you money on car insurance, Jerry can lower your car payments
if you have an existing auto loan
app screenshot
You can get refinance offers through the Jerry app with nothing but your vehicle's total mileage and your own income.
If you’ve made at least six payments on your auto loan, you could be eligible to refinance with a new lender. You’re most likely to find refinance offers if: 
  • Your credit score has improved since your loan originated 
  • Your income has recently increased 
  • You have between $3,000 and $75,000 left on your loan
  • Your car is less than 10 model years old

Get refinance offers without hurting your credit

app screenshot
We’ll always be clear with you about when an action in our app could trigger a credit check.
If you apply for a refinance offer we found you, there will be a hard credit check—but shopping for offers won’t impact your credit.
On average, customers who refinance their car loan with Jerry save $152 a month or $1,823 per year.
By Zack F.
Reviewed on 12/3/2021
Great App!
I was able to find a lower cost insurance plan AND refinance my car for a lower cost as well all in one place! 10/10 recommend! - I also got a 500$ cash bonus for using the app to refinance my car! Win win!

4. Jerry takes charge of your car maintenance

Regular car maintenance
reduces wear and tear on your vehicle, lowers the risk of a car accident, and extends your car’s lifespan. It’s also one of the most annoying—and potentially confusing—parts of vehicle ownership. 
That’s why Jerry created
an in-app garage for your cars
where you can find maintenance reminders, information about any open recalls on your vehicle, and fair price estimates. 
app screenshot
Don't miss your next oil change or brake service: get reminders through GarageGuard™ in the Jerry app and find the lowest prices in your area on the service your car needs.
You can even use GarageGuard to diagnose car issues and find a trusted repair shop in your area.
app screenshot
We've vetted thousands of auto repair shops across the country to save you time and headaches when your car needs a quick fix.
Affordable car ownership starts with responsible car maintenance—and Jerry’s got your back.
By Elle W.
Reviewed on 3/27/2023
Exactly what I was hoping for and more
Quick rate comparisons for auto insurance (and more) that guarantee you know what you’re paying for and paying the best price. Always. Makes switching so easy plus everything related to my vehicle’s policy, maintenance, and diagnostics, with reminders, in one place. What more could you ask for? I’m sure someone will think of something but I am very pleased.

5. Jerry can make you a better driver

Insurance companies love
safe drivers
. So does Jerry. 
That’s why we created DriveShield™, a tool in the app that lets drivers track unsafe behaviors that insurance companies hate, like speeding, harsh braking, and phone use.  
app screenshot
With every trip you take, your driving score will update and offer insights and tips to help you build your score.
DriveShield does not offer a direct insurance discount. In fact, your driving information won’t go to your insurance provider at all—and that might be a good thing. Because your information stays private, using DriveShield is a risk-free way to test out your driving before you enroll in telematics with your current provider (and maximize your discount!).
app screenshot
While you're earning your high score, you can collect perk points in the Jerry app to exchange for coupons and discounts at local businesses.
Jerry won’t just get you cheaper insurance. We’ll help you become the kind of driver that car insurance companies love.


Is the Jerry app trustworthy? 

Jerry is a licensed insurance broker
partnered with 55+ real insurance companies. 

What makes Jerry different?

Jerry isn’t an insurance company or a lead-generating quote comparison service—we’re an independent broker. That means we work with real insurance companies to find you the best quotes, but we don’t work for the insurance companies; we work for you. 
Jerry also does more than compare insurance. As America’s first AllCar™ app, Jerry offers car repair services, safe driving guides, and auto refinance in addition to insurance shopping. 

What does the Jerry app do? 

The Jerry app offers four core services: car insurance quote comparison, auto loan refinancing, car maintenance management tools, and a safe driving program. With these four tools, you can: 
  • Shop for and purchase a new policy to lower your car insurance premiums 
  • Find and apply for auto loan refinancing offers
  • Stay on top of your car’s maintenance and find repair services at a fair price
  • Improve your driving and earn perks by driving safe

Does Jerry run your credit?

Jerry won’t ever perform a hard credit pull when you shop for car insurance in the app. At most, insurers will conduct what’s known as a “soft” credit check when verifying your credit information—which won’t affect your credit score. 
If you apply for an auto loan refinance offer through the Jerry app, your credit will be subject to a “hard check,” which can temporarily change your credit rating. But you can request refinance offers in the app with no impact on your score. 

What is the best app for comparing car insurance?

Jerry is the best app for comparing car insurance for a few reasons: 1) Jerry is a licensed broker with the power to sell policies without leaving the app, 2) Jerry never sells or shares personal information without your permission, and 3) Jerry offers a wide range of financial and practical tools to help level up car ownership and save you money in multiple ways. 

Is the Jerry app available for Android?

Yes. Android users can download the Jerry app from the Google Play Store, where it has a 4.3-star rating. 

How does Jerry protect your privacy?

Jerry protects your privacy by keeping all of your personal information private. We won’t share or sell your information to a third party without your permission—ever. We call this the DataLock Guarantee™ and it applies to all of your activity in the Jerry app.  

Is Jerry insurance worth it?

Yes. Using the Jerry app is an easy, stress-free way to compare car insurance coverage options and quotes in a single convenient location—and stay up to date with any insurance offers you may qualify for. 
Even if you discover that you’re already paying the best price for the coverage you need, Jerry’s multiple car ownership tools make the app worthwhile for any car owner.

Easiest way to compare and buy car insurance

No long forms
No spam or unwanted phone calls
Quotes from top insurance companies
Find insurance savings