How to Find Temporary Car Insurance in Missouri

Finding temporary car insurance in Missouri is near impossible. Your best bet is to buy a six-month policy and cancel when you no longer need it.
Written by Nathan Porceng
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Any company advertising temporary car insurance policies of less than six months is likely a scammer! If you’re looking for short-term coverage in Missouri, you’re best off buying a six-month policy from a reputable insurer and canceling later.
Looking for Missouri car insurance but uninterested in a long-term policy? There are options available to you, but you need to be careful. Most reputable car insurance providers only offer policies that are six months or longer. Anyone trying to sell you a shorter policy is almost surely being dishonest. The smartest decision is to buy a six-month car insurance policy and cancel it when you no longer need it.
Finding short-term car insurance can be tricky, but don’t worry!
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What is temporary car insurance?

temporary car insurance
is tricky—because it doesn’t exist. Reputable car insurance providers usually only offer policies six months in length at a minimum. While you may find advertisements for shorter policies, they are probably scams. So, you need to be careful.
If you need car insurance for less than six months, what can you do? The safest move is to purchasea six-month policy from a reputable insurerand cancel it when you no longer need it. 
However, if you plan to continue driving after canceling your policy, you need to purchase a new policy first. Driving without insurance is against Missouri law, so do not allow for any gaps in your coverage when switching policies.  

Best companies for temporary car insurance in Missouri

While you’re unlikely to find a reputable car insurance provider offering policies for less than six months, there are plenty of companies operating in Missouri that will sell you short-term coverage. You can just cancel it later. Some of these companies will even refund you for unused premiums. 
Let’s check out a few:
  • Travelers:
    A superb choice for short-term shoppers, Travelers does not charge any cancellation fees and will refund you any unused portion of your policy for which you’ve already paid.
  • State Auto
    : Unlike many other providers, State Auto allows you to cancel your policy online without speaking to an agent, making the process simple and easy.
  • State Farm
    : Generally, State Farm will let you cancel your policy without any fees, as well as issue you a refund.
  • Safeco
    : While they may charge you a cancellation fee, Safeco will allow you to cancel your policy at any time.
  • Clearcover
    : Though a popular provider in Missouri, Clearcover will likely charge you a cancellation fee. However, you may be able to get a refund.
Again, if you intend on continuing to drive after you cancel your car insurance policy, you must make sure you don’t have any gaps in coverage. Driving without insurance is against
Missouri car insurance law
, with severe penalties including fines of up to $300, 15 days in jail, and/or driver’s license suspension.

Alternatives to temporary car insurance

Maybe a six-month car insurance policy isn’t right for you. Thankfully, there are other options.
Rental car insurance
non-owner car insurance
both provide affordable coverage for temporary Missouri drivers.

Rental car insurance

If you plan to rent a car while driving temporarily in Missouri, you can get rental car insurance directly through the rental car company. You’ll want to sign a collision damage waiver (CDW), which provides you with a high level of protection.
However, CDWs can be extraordinarily expensive. Alternatively, rental car companies will often offer more affordable short-term coverage, including rental car liability insurance and personal car accident insurance
In addition, your credit card company may offer free rental collision coverage! Give them a call to find out.

Non-owner car insurance

Perhaps you don’t own your own car but you drive frequently using borrowed vehicles, car-sharing services, or rental cars. Non-owner car insurance may be right for you. All you need to purchase a non-owner policy is a valid driver’s license. The insurer may also need to verify that you don’t have any vehicles attached to your household.  
Non-owner insurance usually costs just $200 to $500 per year. The policy will ensure you meet Missouri’s minimum insurance requirements, and if you’d like, you may even be able to add additional coverage.

How to find affordable car insurance in Missouri

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Probably not. If a company is offering you a policy for less than six months, look out—they are likely a scammer. Reputable car insurance providers typically only sell policies six months in length or longer.
Driving without car insurance is a serious offense in Missouri, and penalties can be severe. Offenders may be punished with a fine of up to $300, 15 days in jail, and/or a driver’s license suspension.
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