The 10 Most Common Ways to Get a Suspended License in Nebraska

From neglecting to pay a traffic ticket to driving recklessly, there are a variety of ways you can have your license suspended in Nebraska.
Written by Jacqulyn Graber
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The state of Nebraska will suspend your driver’s license for a variety of reasons, including lack of car insurance, failure to pay child support, and reckless driving. A license suspension will make it harder to find
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Your driver’s license is likely very important to you—especially if you drive yourself and your family to work, school, and appointments. So it’s important to know Nebraska’s licensure laws and understand if and why your license could be suspended or revoked. I
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What’s the difference between a license suspension and revocation?

Though you might assume that “suspension” and “revocation” mean the same thing, they’re actually quite different! Here’s how Nebraska defines the two:
  • If your license is suspended, you’ll experience a temporary loss of driving privileges for a specified period of time
  • If your license is revoked, you’ll be subject to a more serious loss of driving privileges and may have to reapply for your license at a later date 
Both a suspension and revocation will remain in effect until reinstatement requirements are met and any necessary fees are paid. 

What can your license be suspended for in Nebraska? 

Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can suspend your license for any number of reasons. Here are the top 10 most common.

1. If you fail to comply with a traffic ticket

If you ever get a traffic ticket—in Nebraska or any other state—it will likely include a specific set of steps you must follow to resolve the citation. Most often, this includes a specified fine, but it can also include a court summons and/or court-mandated driving classes. 
Failure to completely comply with the traffic ticket (regardless of the state it was issued) could result in your Nebraskan license being suspended. 

2. If your car insurance is canceled or lapsed 

Like most states, Nebraska has
minimum liability requirements
, which state that each driver must display proof of financial responsibility by consistently holding a car insurance policy. If you neglect to pay for your policy or it’s canceled and you don’t replace it, you risk license suspension.

3. If you fail to provide proof of insurance 

In the event you get pulled over in Nebraska, you must be able to provide law enforcement with
proof of insurance
—so keep your insurance cards in your vehicle at all times. 
Note that a ticket for failure to provide proof of insurance is issued to the vehicle’s owner, not the driver. Don’t plead guilty to the ticket if you don’t own the vehicle you’re driving.

4. If you neglect to pay child support or alimony 

Though any support orders issued to you by the court may seem unrelated to your driver’s license, the Department of Health & Human Services will notify the DMV if you fail to make your payments—and you’ll risk license suspension. 

5. If you are under the age of 21 and accumulate 6+ points in a 12-month period 

If you’re issued a traffic ticket, Nebraska will likely assign a certain number of “points” to your license based on the severity of the violation. While you should always try to avoid accumulating points, you should be especially careful if you’re under the age of 21. 
Young drivers who accumulate 6 or more points in a 12-month period will have to enroll in a
defensive driving course
within 3 months of their license suspension.  

6. If you are involved in an accident and do not report it

If you are involved in a reportable accident (someone is injured or killed, or damage appears to exceed $1,500 for any vehicle or property), you must either:
  • Call law enforcement to investigate the crash; or 
  • Complete the Driver’s Motor Vehicle Crash Report and send it to the DMV within 10 days of the accident
If you fail to submit this report or if, after the report, you are unable to provide sufficient proof of insurance, your license will be subject to suspension for violating
Nebraska car accident laws. 

7. If you don’t pay your reinstatement fees 

If your license is temporarily suspended, reinstating it will likely involve some sort of fee. Neglecting to pay these fees will result in an extension of the suspension. 

8. If you are involved in an accident and fail to make restitution 

If you’re involved in an at-fault accident and fail to make restitution, the other driver can take you to court. If the court renders judgment against you, you’ll have 90 days to satisfy the judgment before your license is suspended. 

9. If your restitution payments default 

If you are involved in an at-fault accident, the court may agree to a payment plan to satisfy your restitution in installments. But missing one or more of these payments could result in your license being suspended. 

10. If you’re pulled over for driving recklessly 

Reckless driving in Nebraska
can occur at a variety of degrees—and depending on the severity of your offense, you could face jail time and/or large fines. If you’re found guilty, these punishments will come with a license suspension ranging from 60 days to 2 years. 

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