The 10 Most Common Ways to Get a Suspended License in Louisiana

A suspended license in Louisiana can be a result of vehicular manslaughter and even littering—it all depends on the circumstance.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
There are a lot of ways your license can be suspended or revoked in
, such as failing to pay fines, operating under the influence, and violating certain traffic laws. It’s important to follow the process to get your license reinstated, or the suspension could be indefinite or include additional punishments, the least of which could be increasing the
cost of car insurance in Louisiana.
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What’s the difference between a license suspension and revocation?

Regardless of whether your license is “suspended” or “revoked,” you don’t have driving privileges. However, it is important to differentiate the two when discussing the law. Here are the definitions:
  • A license suspension is a temporary loss of driving privileges for a specified time
  • A license revocation is a more serious loss of driving privileges, often requiring the driver to reapply for licensing
The laws for license suspensions and revocations are regulated by the
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

What can your license be suspended for in Louisiana? 

As mentioned earlier, Louisiana has both standard and unique circumstances that serve as grounds for a license suspension. Here is a guide based on
Louisiana State Legislature RS 32:414
to inform you about some of the most common reasons licenses are suspended in Louisiana.

1. Failure to pay fines

Minor traffic violations won’t directly earn you a license suspension. However, failure to pay your ticket by the deadline could result in further punishment. An indefinite suspension could be imposed on you for any outstanding debts.

2. If you have a BAC over 0.08

Any amount of alcohol in your system puts you at risk behind the wheel. But, having a blood alcohol content over 0.08 is illegal. If you're convicted, a
DUI in Louisiana
can result in a 12-month license suspension—not to mention the potential fines and jail time.

3. If you have a BAC over 0.20

Louisiana considers a blood alcohol content of over 0.20 to be a more serious offense. A DUI under these circumstances will result in a 24-month license suspension—on top of the potential fines and jail time.

4. Failure to stop for a school bus

Failure to stop for a school bus that is stopped and loading or unloading children can result in a license suspension. First convictions will result in a 30-day suspension with increasing punishments for subsequent offenses.

5. Litter violations

Louisiana takes littering very seriously—garbage can have an extremely negative effect on the wetland environment. A third violation of Louisiana litter laws will result in a 30-day license suspension. Fourth and subsequent offenses will cost you 60 days without a license.

6. Drivers involved in fatal crashes

Manslaughter and vehicular homicide will get you a 24-month license suspension–but this is probably the least of your concerns. These scenarios are typically partnered with substantial fines and jail time.

7. Reckless driving

Three convictions of
reckless driving in Louisiana
within the same 12-month period will result in a 24-month license suspension. The definition of reckless driving can vary state by state.

8. Vehicle associated felonies

Among others, evading a police officer and
are considered felonies in the state of Louisiana. A felony in the commission of which a motor vehicle was used will net you a 24-month license suspension.

9. Failure to render aid

In Louisiana, it is required by law that you must stop and render appropriate aid in the event of a motor vehicle accident where there is bodily injury or death. Failure to do so can result in a 24-month license suspension.

10. Unlawful use of a driver’s license

Using a license that is the identity of anyone but you is illegal. Any misrepresentation or alteration of a license is illegal. Driving with an expired or suspended license also falls into this citation. Penalties include a 90-day suspension for a first conviction and a 12-month suspension for subsequent convictions.
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