The 10 Most Common Ways to Get a Suspended License in Idaho

Driving with a suspended license in Idaho will lead to an increase in the suspension length and possible jail time. Read here for more.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Brittni Brinn
If you live in
, you could have your driver's license suspended or revoked for a number of violations—from vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence to repeated moving violations or failure to pay child support. But whatever the reason for your license suspension, driving on a suspended license is always illegal.
Driving laws are in place to keep people safe on the road. If you ignore them, you run the risk of having your license revoked or suspended. But license suspension isn’t only a punishment for breaking traffic laws in Idaho—it can also be the result of other non-driving-related infractions. 
Getting your license suspended is a massive inconvenience, and the fines and license reinstatement fees often associated with it can add up fast. Plus, having a suspension on your record can make it much harder to find affordable
car insurance
. To help you avoid getting your license suspended or revoked in Idaho, we’ve created this guide to explain the most common reasons for both.
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What’s the difference between a license suspension and revocation?

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, license suspension and license revocation are not the same thing. 
  • A license suspension describes a temporary loss of some or all driving privileges for a specific period of time.
  • A license revocation describes a more long-term loss of driving privileges and often requires the driver to reapply for driving privileges before their license can be reinstated.

What can your license be suspended for in Idaho?

Lots of things can lead to license suspension in the Gem State. Luckily, almost all of them are easily avoidable if you follow the rules of the road. 
In Idaho, you could have your license suspended or revoked for the following reasons.

1. If you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

In Idaho, drivers are considered to be intoxicated if their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or higher. Penalties for
driving under the influence (DUI)
, are understandably stiff in the Gem State.
DUI laws in Idaho
call for a driver’s license suspension of at least 90 days for a first-time offense, and all driving privileges are suspended for the first 30 days.
A second offense will have you looking at a suspension of one to two years. Getting three DUIs in Idaho constitutes a felony, which can lead to a license suspension of up to five years.
But license suspension will be the least of your troubles if you get a DUI in Idaho. You’ll also risk jail time and fines, even for your first offense. Plus, you’ll be required to file an
SR-22 in Idaho
for at least three years.

2. If you drive with a suspended license

In Idaho, you’re considered to be “driving without privileges” if you operate a vehicle during your license suspension period. You’ll only be considered guilty of an infraction if your original suspension was due to a failure to pay court fines or fees associated with a civil judgment or child support. 
But don’t make the mistake of thinking that means driving on a suspended license isn’t a big deal. While you may not get a traffic ticket, you will be guilty of a misdemeanor, which can be penalized with up to five years of imprisonment. That’s on top of the $101 fine and additional 30-day suspension you’ll get if the traffic infraction does apply.

3. If you collect too many points for moving violations

Idaho drivers are subject to a points system in which points are added to their license each time they get a
citation or ticket
for a moving violation. 
Drivers who accumulate 12 to 17 points within a 12-month period will be subject to a 30-day license suspension. Collecting 18 to 23 points within two years will lead to a 90-day suspension. Adding 24 or more points to your Idaho driving record within a three-year period will result in a six-month license suspension.

4. If you use a fake ID

Your Idaho driver’s license can be suspended if you’re found to be using it illegally. For example, if you use a fake ID for any reason or give your ID to someone else to use for identification purposes, you could have your license suspended.

5. If you drive without Idaho car insurance

Idaho’s insurance laws
require drivers to carry at least minimum
liability insurance
. If you’re caught driving with no car insurance in Idaho, you’ll receive a warning. You’ll also be required to produce proof of insurance within 30 days and pay a fine of up to $75
If you fail to produce
proof of insurance
within the 30-day timeframe, your license and vehicle registration will be revoked on the first offense. If you continue driving without insurance in Idaho, you’ll face added fines and up to six months in jail.
MORE: The penalties for using fake proof of insurance
A DUI isn’t the only major traffic violation. If you’re charged with reckless driving or you leave the scene of an accident and are found guilty of committing a hit-and-run in Idaho, you could be looking at automatic license suspension. Other examples of offenses that could lead to immediate license suspension include:
  • Abandoning your vehicle on a public highway
  • Using a vehicle to commit a felony
  • Fleeing from law enforcement
  • Failing to pay damages following an accident
The length of your license suspension will vary depending on the severity of the offense as well as other factors, like your driving record.

7. If you become physically or psychologically unable to drive safely

If the Idaho DMV learns there is reason to believe you may have become unfit to drive, your license may be suspended pending a reexamination of your driving abilities. If the examination reveals a disability or condition that interferes with your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, your license may be suspended.
MORE: Everything you need to know about Idaho’s texting and driving laws

8. If you fail to pay child support

If you fail to make child support payments on time or you fail to comply with visitation rights, your Idaho driver’s license will be suspended.

9. If you are a minor found in possession of drugs or alcohol

Underage drinking and drug use are serious offenses that can both lead to license suspension. Plus, you don’t have to be driving at the time you’re found in possession of the illegal substance to see your license suspended for it.

10. If you are a minor expelled from school

If you’re suspended from school, your school can ask the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to suspend your license and driving privileges.
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