State Farm Steer Clear: Is It Worth It?

The State Farm Steer Clear program gives young drivers under 25 the chance to improve their driving skills and gain a car insurance discount.
Written by Jaya Anandjit
Edited by Jessica Barrett
The State Farm Steer Clear program offers drivers under the age of 25 the opportunity to complete an online driving program in exchange for an auto insurance discount. 

State Farm Steer Clear is a discount program for young drivers

State Farm Steer Clear is a discount program that helps young drivers improve their driving skills through online modules, quizzes, driving practice, and mentoring. Drivers have six months to complete the course and earn a program certificate and a car insurance discount.
To qualify for State Farm Steer Clear, you must: 
  • Be under the age of 25
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a clean driving record with no at-fault accidents or moving violations from the past three years
To earn the discount, Steer Clear participants must complete all program requirements.

How does Steer Clear work?

The Steer Clear program is accessible through the State Farm Steer Clear app. The program includes five modules, plus at least five hours of practice driving throughout at least 10 trips. 
Steer Clear participants must complete all five modules and log their driving practice trips within six months of enrolling in the program to receive a program certificate and a Steer Clear safe driver discount. 

What the Steer Clear program covers

The Steer Clear program offers online modules with videos and quizzes that cover the following topics:
Car basics (e.g., parts, safety, and car maintenance)
Making adjustments (e.g., the driver’s seat, steering wheel, mirrors, and seat belts)
Managing distractions
Impaired driving
Scanning for hazards
Sharing the road (e.g., defensive driving)
Starting, stopping, and backing up
Managing parking lots (e.g., entering and exiting)
Navigating intersections
Entering and exiting highways
Managing speed and distance
Staying in your lane
Changing lanes and managing blind spots
Special driving situations (e.g., driving after sundown, in bad weather, in the country, and handling emergencies)
Once the modules are complete, participants must use the Steer Clear trip log to log at least five hours of driving with a minimum of 10 trips. Then, a
Statement of Qualification
must be signed to receive a certificate of completion and the Steer Clear discount.
Steer Clear participants can choose to have an experienced family member or friend provide mentorship throughout the program. Mentors can monitor progress and leave trip comments in the app to aid the skills-building process.
The Steer Clear program is a great way for young drivers to enhance their driving skills and earn a State Farm insurance discount. 
app screenshot
New motorists can take their learning a step further and continue practicing by tracking their driving habits with the
Jerry offers a trip-tracking feature that allows you to monitor your driving habits, find new ways to improve your safety score, and earn perks for safe driving behaviors. 

How to sign up for Steer Clear

Signing up for the Steer Clear program takes two easy steps: 
Step 1: Contact your local State Farm agent to verify your eligibility for the Steer Clear program and applicable savings. 
Step 2: Download the Steer Clear app in the Google Play or Apple app store to access the learning modules and the trip log.
Disclaimer: The Steer Clear Program must be completed within six months of beginning the course. Drivers who fail to complete the course on time will not be eligible for a discount.

Is State Farm Steer Clear worth it? Yes!

State Farm Steer Clear is a great program for young drivers to build safe driving habits, learn about the responsibilities of driving, and earn a discount on their insurance premiums. The mobile app is easy to use and includes ample information to help new drivers stay safe behind the wheel.
Additionally, participants are only required to use and complete the program over six months before receiving the insurance rate discount. Steer Clear offers more flexibility than a usage-based safe driving program like State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save, which requires consistent monitoring to maintain the discount. 


How long does it take to finish the Steer Clear program?

Steer Clear users must finish the program within six months to receive the applicable car insurance discount. In some cases, participants may be able to complete the course earlier than the deadline. 

What’s the difference between State Farm Steer Clear and driving school?

Driving school is typically necessary for young drivers to get their licenses. On the other hand, Steer Clear is a program facilitated by an insurance company for drivers under 25 years old with a valid license who want to improve their driving skills and driver safety and earn a car insurance discount. 
State Farm Steer Clear is not required by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), nor is it required by State Farm. 

What does Steer Clear do?

State Farm Steer Clear aims to provide teachings and practice sessions to help young drivers become safer drivers, gain confidence, and improve their motorist knowledge. Steer Clear users must complete five learning modules that overview various driving topics and situations, followed by practice trips behind the wheel to put their knowledge to use. 

Can you take Steer Clear without using the app?

The State Farm Steer Clear Program is available online to users who do not have an Android or Apple mobile phone. Steer Clear users can sign up for the program by calling a State Farm agent, and then complete the five training modules at After completing the training modules, users can report their driving trips through the website and sign the Statement of Qualification to receive a discount. 

How much is the Steer Clear discount?

State Farm does not offer details about the exact discount amount for completing the Steer Clear program. With this said, drivers typically receive a 10% to 20% discount on their car insurance policy after completing the course. 

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