State Farm Motorcycle Insurance

State Farm motorcycle insurance offers solid coverage options at competitive prices to choose from. Click here to learn more!
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State Farm offers solid coverage options for motorcycle insurance, including up to $3,000 worth of coverage for custom parts and equipment.
If you’re looking for cheap insurance for your motorcycle, State Farm offers a decent range of coverage options. We’ll go over what kind of coverage you can get for your motorcycle, classic bike, motorscooter, mini-bike, custom bike, or trail bike with State Farm
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Does State Farm offer motorcycle insurance?

Yes, State Farm sells motorcycle insurance, along with car insurance!
While State Farm does not offer quotes on its website, you can call a State Farm agent at 833-322-1986  if you want a quote for basic liability insurance costs. You’ll need to provide the following information when seeking a quote:
  • Your motorcycle’s make, model, and year
  • Your bike’s vehicle identification number (VIN)


The cost of your State Farm motorcycle insurance policy will depend on a slew of factors, including your age, driving record, the type of motorcycle you drive, your credit score (in some states), and any history of accidents or insurance claims on your profile. The state you live in will also affect how much you pay for motorcycle insurance. In order to get a quote, you’ll need to call State Farm.
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Coverage options

Besides standard liability coverage as well as full coverage options such as comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, State Farm offers additional motorcycle insurance add-on options. 
Check out the table below to see State Farm’s full range of motorcycle insurance options:
Included automatically? 
Do I need it? 
If you cause an accident, this coverage pays for the other driver’s medical bills 
You run a red light and collide with another rider, who suffers a concussion and other injuries. State Farm will cover their medical bills, but only up to your policy’s BIL limit. 
Look into your state’s laws—most states require BIL by law. 
Covers repairs to other riders’ bikes if you cause an accident
You are distracted and accidentally crash into another rider, damaging their motorcycle. State Farm will pay for the other rider’s bike repairs, up to your policy’s limit. 
Check your state’s laws—but it is good coverage to have for any motorcycle rider. 
Comprehensive coverage
Covers the repair or replacement cost of your motorcycle if it’s damaged by fire, vandalism, or stolen, or if it's damaged due to a collision with an animal. 
You slam into a moose on the highway and your bike is a total loss. State Farm covers the actual cash value of the motorcycle, minus any deductible, if you have one. 
Not required by law, but a good idea unless your bike isn’t worth very much or is very old. 
Collision coverage
Pays to repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s damaged in an accident. 
You collide with the highway guardrail and seriously damage your handlebars. State Farm pays for the repairs. 
Not required by law, but worth it unless your bike isn’t worth much, or is very old. 
Pays for medical bills, lost earnings, and motorcycle repairs if you’re hit by a driver who does not have insurance. 
You’re hit by a  car, but the driver is uninsured. Unless they pay to cover your damages themselves, State Farm covers your damages up to your policy’s limits. 
Look into your state’s laws—UIM is required by law in some states, while it is optional in others. 
Accessories and custom parts/equipment
Pays for the  replacement of custom parts and accessories in collision and comprehensive claims, so long as those parts are documented by State Farm under your policy.
Your custom wheels you just installed get destroyed, and your new helmet damaged, in a highway crash. State Farm will pay to replace the custom parts and equipment, minus any deductible. 
Up to $3,000 automatically included when you add collision and comprehensive to your policy.
If you like adding custom gear to your motorcycle, you should consider it. 
Roadside assistance and trip interruption
Includes services such as towing as and delivery of fuel, oil, tires, or a battery, as well as one hour of labor at the spot of your breakdown.
You’re on a weekend trip to the Poconos when your motorcycle peters out. State Farm will pay for the tow of your bike to a repair shop nearby. The insurer will also pay for lodging, transport, and food if your breakdown is more than 50 miles from your home, and your bike is inoperable. 
If you’re an avid road-tripper, roadside assistance is a great thing to have. 
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How to save on State Farm motorcycle insurance

Unfortunately, State Farm does not offer discounts for motorcycle insurance. You’ll have to look at other providers if you want to find a discount to help ease the cost of a motorcycle insurance policy.
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The cheapest motorcycle insurance companies

State Farm isn’t the only insurer that sells motorcycle insurance—many of the major carriers do as well. Check out the list below for the cheapest kind of motorcycle insurance for every kind of rider.
  • Best all-around: Progressive ($25 to $52/month) 
  • Best for dirt bikes:
    ($28 to $51/month) 
  • Best for expensive bikes: Markel ($35 to $69/month) 
  • Best for young riders: Dairyland ($22 to $74/month) 
  • Best for collectors:
    ($49 to $55/month)
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The cost of your motorcycle insurance will depend on many factors. Where you live, your age, your driving record, discount eligibility, and whether you’ve been involved in any accidents (amongst other metrics), will all impact your insurance premium.
To get a quote for State Farm motorcycle insurance, you’ll have to give State Farm a call at 833-322-1986 for basic liability insurance, and other coverage options you might be interested in.
While you can bundle certain insurance products together at State Farm (such as car and home insurance), State Farm does not allow you to bundle motorcycle insurance with any other type of insurance product.
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