State Farm Mexico Car Insurance

State Farm third party liability car insurance policies are not valid in Mexico. If you want to drive legally in Mexico, you need Mexican liability insurance.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
State Farm does not offer car insurance in Mexico. If you plan on driving your vehicle in Mexico, Mexican law requires that you purchase Mexican liability insurance.
If you’re planning a road trip across the Mexican border, it’s important to be prepared. One thing you’ll definitely need to have is proper
car insurance
. While you may be covered by certain parts of your U.S. car insurance plan while in the Mexico Free Border Zone, a U.S. State Farm liability insurance policy does not meet the mandatory insurance requirements in Mexico. Of course, if you’re looking to take a trip to
Mexico, Missouri
, you’ll be fine with your current U.S. State Farm auto insurance policy.
Let’s go over what kind of car insurance coverage you need for driving in Mexico. We’ll talk about what kind of coverage the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company offers while you’re driving in Mexico and discuss what Mexico car insurance might cost for your trip.

Do you need car insurance coverage to drive in Mexico?

Yes—at minimum, you need liability insurance from a Mexican auto insurance company. That said, you should check your current policy. Things like
coverage or
coverage may still cover you while you are within a certain distance of the border.
No matter how far your additional insurance will allow you to drive and maintain coverage, you’ll still be legally required to purchase
liability insurance
in Mexico, from a Mexican provider. Fortunately, there are a fair amount of options available, whether you only need temporary policies for travel or you plan on crossing into Mexico on a more consistent basis. Daily or weekly rates are more expensive compared to semi-annual or annual policies.
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What does Mexico car insurance cover?

A car insurance policy from a Mexican insurance company will cover the same general things as a U.S. car insurance policy. You’ll be able to purchase just the basic liability coverage legally required to cover bodily injuries and property damage that you cause, but you can also purchase full coverage or other individual forms of additional insurance. For example, on top of third party liability, you’ll be able to get coverage for things like medical expenses for bodily injury, theft, physical damage, or vandalism. You could also purchase
uninsured motorist coverage
or roadside assistance (often called
towing and labor coverage
). Extended coverage often also comes with an optional fixed deductible.

Can you get State Farm Mexico Insurance?

No, State Farm does not offer insurance for driving in Mexico. Some policies may extend some limited coverage when you drive into Mexico, but State Farm cannot offer you car insurance that fulfills the mandatory minimum amount required by Mexican law. If you want to drive legally in Mexico, you need to purchase liability insurance through a Mexican insurance broker.

How much does Mexico car insurance cost?

The cost of your car insurance in Mexico will depend significantly on what coverage options you purchase and how long you are insuring your vehicle for. You should also bear in mind that the more valuable your car is, the more you can expect to pay for insurance. Another factor that might affect your Mexico insurance rates is what coverage limits you choose. In our examples, assume we’re talking about a vehicle worth about $15,000 with standard coverage limits.
A single-day policy will be the worst bang for your buck. For liability only, you’ll be looking at an insurance quote of about $35 a day, and closer to $40 or more if you’re going with additional coverage.
If you’re looking at a ten-day policy, you can expect to pay much less per day. This policy would start around the $120 mark for liability only and around $220 with
If you plan on being in Mexico for longer than two weeks, you might want to consider a six-month policy. Full-coverage insurance for six months will come out to about $375.
If you’re driving across the border quite often, you’ll save the most money with a full year of coverage—a year of coverage only costs about $70 more than six months.
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No, U.S. auto insurance does not adequately cover you in Mexico. The law in Mexico states that everyone who drives there must have the required amount of liability insurance, and it must be provided by a Mexican insurance company. But one thing you don’t have to worry about is your U.S. driver’s license, which is valid in Mexico.
Some U.S. companies like
, and
have arrangements with Mexican insurers allowing them to act as brokers to make acquiring car insurance for travel to Mexico more accessible to their U.S. clients. However, not every U.S. insurer does this.
In some cases, certain forms of coverage might extend into Mexico, most commonly if you’re only driving within a certain distance of the border, but this varies between companies and policies.
Your State Farm insurance will not be enough if you get in a car accident in Mexico. While your collision coverage might extend a certain distance beyond the border, your U.S. liability insurance will not be valid to the Mexican authorities.
Before driving into Mexico, you should make sure to check how far into Mexico your optional policies like collision and comprehensive insurance will cover you. This way, you can determine whether you need to only purchase liability insurance in Mexico or go for a full-coverage plan. You should be able to find this information by speaking with a State Farm agent.
Yes, if you’re renting a car in Mexico, you will be required to purchase car insurance with it. Rental companies will often offer renters their own car insurance policies, but it might be worth calling other insurance companies to see if their rates are more competitive.
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