State Farm Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Review (2024)

State Farm does not offer mechanical breakdown insurance, but they offer a variety of other insurance products that can keep you moving after a breakdown.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Brittni Brinn
Mechanical breakdown insurance is a specific type of coverage that helps pay for repairs of major vehicle systems. While many providers offer this add-on protection with their policies, State Farm is not one of them.
If you’re looking for help covering the costs of repairs after your new vehicle warranty expires, you’ve probably heard of or even shopped for mechanical breakdown insurance. Unfortunately, if you’re a State Farm policyholder, you don’t have the option of adding this type of coverage to your
car insurance
But don’t worry, we’ll show you some additional options that you can get through State Farm to help offset the costs associated with a breakdown.

State Farm mechanical breakdown insurance: the basics

Mechanical breakdown insurance
(MBI) is an add-on many providers offer to help protect you from the costs associated with unexpected repairs. While State Farm doesn’t offer this insurance add-on for its customers, they do have roadside assistance coverage, which can make the costs of repairs easier to handle.
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What does State Farm’s 24-hour emergency roadside assistance cover?

State Farm’s 24-hour emergency roadside service typically covers:
  • Towing your vehicle to the nearest repair facility
  • Delivery of gas, oil, batteries, and tires
  • Lockout services for one hour
  • One hour of mechanical labor associated with battery replacement, electrical problems, transmission issues, fluid leaks (excluding fuel), and other mechanical issues

What does roadside assistance not cover?

Basically, anything that’s not associated with getting your vehicle off the side of the road will not be covered under a roadside assistance policy. For example, roadside assistance does not cover:
  • Replacement items
  • Damage repairs
  • Basic maintenance
When you have a roadside assistance policy with State Farm, you will not be billed up front for the services you need to get moving again. Your service provider will bill State Farm directly, and you may later receive a bill for uncovered items, such as replacement tires, replacement batteries, and fluids, such as oil and gas.

How much does State Farm roadside assistance cost?

Like anything to do with car insurance, the price you’ll pay for roadside assistance depends on a number of factors. That said, customers usually pay an average of just $30 to $60 a year for this insurance add-on.

Is State Farm roadside assistance worth it?

Whether your car is brand-new or twenty years old, you could experience the inconvenience and cost of paying for tow services, getting locked out, running out of gas, getting a flat tire, or needing to
jumpstart a dead battery
. For this reason, we’d say roadside assistance policies are always worth it. However, you may not need to purchase one from State Farm.
Before adding roadside assistance to your policy, check to see if it’s offered through a new vehicle warranty, from your vehicle manufacturer, or even as a perk on one of your credit cards. In other words, you may already have the ability to take advantage of the types of services provided by State Farm’s roadside assistance plan without paying the extra money.
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