SR-22 in Missouri: What You Need to Know

An SR-22 is typically required in Missouri when a driver has a serious traffic violation, such as a reckless driving charge or a DUI, on their record.
Written by Hillary Kobayashi
Edited by Jessica Barrett
Reviewed by Georgina Grant
Drivers with a serious traffic violation on their driving record—offenses like reckless driving or a DWI/DUI—may require an
SR-22 certificate
before reinstating their driver’s license in Missouri. It guarantees that you carry the required
Missouri car insurance
  • An SR-22 is a certificate that your insurance company files with the DMV, guaranteeing you have at least the minimum car insurance coverage required by state law.
  • It costs about $25 for an SR-22 certificate in Missouri, but you’ll also notice a significant increase in your
    car insurance rates
  • Not all auto insurance companies will provide SR-22s, so you may need to shop around for coverage.

What is SR-22 insurance in Missouri?

An SR-22 provides Missouri drivers with legal recognition that they carry the state’s minimum required liability coverage.
According to
Missouri car insurance laws
, your car insurance policy must have at least the following:

Drivers with a serious violation must get an SR-22

If you’ve been convicted of a serious driving violation in Missouri, you’ll be considered a
high-risk driver
and may need to file an SR-22. 
Here are some of the offenses that could result in an SR-22 filing:
You'll also need an SR-22 if your
Missouri driver's license
has been

How to get Missouri SR-22 insurance

Here’s what you’ll need to do if you need an SR-22 filing in Missouri:
  • Compare insurance quotes:
    Shop around
    with at least 3 different insurance companies to find the best rate—note that not all companies will insure high-risk drivers. Try an insurance comparison app like
    to make the job quick and easy.
  • Purchase coverage: You’ll need to purchase at least the minimum insurance coverage required by the state. 
  • File SR-22: Your insurance company will need to file the SR-22 form showing proof of insurance with the DMV on your behalf.
Drivers in Missouri are required to keep their SR-22 on file for one to three years. The length of time a driver is required to maintain the SR-22 is based on the violations or reason for the driver’s license suspension.
Did you know? If you need SR-22 insurance because you drive occasionally but you don’t own a vehicle, you can purchase
non-owner SR-22 insurance
—it will follow you, rather than a specific car.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost?

The filing fee for an SR-22 certificate in Missouri is approximately $25, but it's usually paired with an expensive hike in your insurance premium. You may also have to pay a
license reinstatement fee
The increase in your car insurance rate will depend on the violations on your record.

How an SR-22 impacts your insurance in Missouri

An SR-22 will impact your
car insurance rates
and your
choice of insurance provider
If you have an SR-22, you will pay higher insurance premiums than a driver who has a clean
Missouri driving record
Since not all car insurance companies will insure drivers who need an SR-22 certificate, you may need to spend more time shopping around to find affordable rates from those that do.
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