Coupe vs. Sedan Insurance: Which is Cheaper?

Sedans are usually cheaper to insure than coupes, but you can save on both if you know how to find cheap insurance. Read this article to learn more about car insurance for coupes vs sedans.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
When it comes to car insurance rates, sedans tend to be cheaper than coupes—but there are exceptions. The sportier, two-door coupes are considered riskier to drive, and insurance companies take this into account when calculating your insurance costs.
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The difference between coupes and sedans

The most notable difference between coupes and sedans is that coupes usually have two doors, while sedans typically have four doors.
The differences don't end there, however. There are other ways to define a coupe vs a sedan, and the line between them has gotten blurred.
Sedans are typically a bit more spacious, and they offer more cargo area. Coupes are more compact but boast better performance overall.

Is car insurance cheaper for a coupe or sedan?

The more popular sedans tend to be cheaper than coupes when it comes to insurance costs—especially the higher-end models.
Here are the average insurance premiums for some of the most popular sedans and coupes before and after switching with Jerry:
Avg annual insurance rates for Sedans
Avg yearly insurance rates for Coupes
Chevrolet Sonic LS = $1939 (**$1680 after Jerry**)
Mazda MX-5 Miata = $3138 (**$1712 after Jerry**)
Honda Civic = $2280 (**$836 after Jerry**)
Chevrolet Camaro = $2040 (**$1584 after Jerry**)
Chevrolet Impala = $2415 (**$1584 after Jerry**)
Ford Mustang = $2841 (**$2468 after Jerry**)
Ford Fusion Hybrid = $1920 (**$1483 after Jerry**)
Nissan 370Z = $2681 (**$2268 after Jerry**)
Chrysler 300 = $3016 (**$2573 after Jerry**)
Mercedes Benz C Class = $2055 (**$1127 after Jerry**)
Dodge Charger = $3428 (**$2300 after Jerry**)
Audi A5 Sport = $5040 (**$2868 after Jerry**)
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Why does a coupe usually cost more to insure?

Coupes are generally considered sportier than sedans. Insurance companies also see them as higher-risk cars versus sedans. The assumption, then, is that coupes will be driven by higher-risk drivers.
Safety isn’t the only factor that determines the insurance rate on a particular vehicle—but it is an important one. The horsepower, safety features, and age of the vehicle are other factors that insurance companies look at when setting their premiums.
Key Takeaway Coupes are considered sportier and higher-risk than sedans, so they typically cost more to insure.

Pros and cons of a coupe

Coupes have two doors and are usually on the sporty side. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of driving a coupe.

Pros of owning a coupe

Coupes are great cars for anybody looking for a fun, fuel-efficient car. There are plenty of price points and performance options to choose from, and they usually make for a sleek, sporty ride.
Coupes are traditionally favored by people without children, since they tend to be compact and easy to navigate in urban environments. But roomier options on the newer models are appealing to wider audiences.

Cons of owning a coupe

Coupes can be flashy cars that come with equally flashy price tags. Their sporty appeal means that they are more likely to be stolen than sedans, so you might want to invest in
comprehensive insurance
to ensure you’re protected against theft.
If you want to save on your insurance premiums when you purchase a coupe, opt for an older model, and use
to quickly find the best rates across providers.
Key Takeaway Coupes are compact, easy to navigate in urban spaces, and fun to drive—but they’re usually more expensive to purchase and more likely to be stolen than sedans.

Pros and cons of owning a sedan

Sedans have four doors, and the styling tends to be focused more on practicality or luxury and less on performance. Here are some of the relative advantages and disadvantages of driving a sedan.

Pros of owning a sedan

Sedans make for a lovely way to carry around extra passengers or just enjoy a more refined, luxurious ride. They also tend to cost less than coupes to buy.
Since sedans tend to appeal more to more mature drivers, they tend to come with more favorable insurance price tags. They are roomier and more family-friendly than coupes, and they are also more likely to have additional safety features.

Cons of owning a sedan

Sedans are usually larger and heavier than coupes, so they often get less favorable gas mileage. Most sedans won’t offer the same level of performance or handling, either.
If you want an eco-friendly car that doesn’t skimp on space or added features, investing in a hybrid model sedan can be a good way to mitigate fuel costs.
Key Takeaway Sedans are more practical and comfortable than coupes, offering lighter price tags and a more family-friendly ride. But they aren’t as good on gas and usually can’t match the performance and handling of coupes.

Finding the cheapest insurance for coupes and sedans

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