Seat Belt Laws in Delaware

Drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts in Delaware. Not following seat belt laws could result in fines and penalties.
Written by Tom Hindle
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Delaware seat belt laws require all drivers and passengers to wear a seat belt while a vehicle is in operation.
Children under 7 must be secured in a child safety seat or booster seat, wearing either a fitting harness or having a seat belt securely over their lap.
Breaking the Delaware seat belt law could lead to fines, legal trouble, and even increased
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What are the seat belt laws in Delaware?

The Delaware seat belt law says that everyone in the vehicle must wear an appropriate restraint. This applies to children and adults, back-seat passengers, and front-seat passengers (and drivers).
Seat belts must be worn over the lap and shoulder. Drivers can be cited for the incorrect usage of seat belts.
Meanwhile, children under 65 pounds should be placed in the back of the vehicle, and ride in an age-appropriate car seat, such as a child restraint system or booster seat.
There are some exemptions to the seat belt law. Those with physician verified medical conditions can’t be cited for the law. Neither can mail delivery drivers.
Delaware regards a seat belt law violation as a primary offense, meaning law enforcement can pull you over for not wearing one (or wearing one improperly).

What happens if you break the seat-belt laws in Delaware?

In Delaware, failing to abide by seat belt laws can lead to a fine of $25, plus court costs—totaling around $83.
The driver is issued the ticket, regardless of who in the vehicle is in violation of the seat belt law.
Key Takeaway If either you or one of your passengers fails to wear a seat belt properly, expect to pay around $83 in fines.

Could it impact my driving record?

Probably not. Though $83 in costs isn’t fun, a seat belt violation doesn’t lead to any demerit points in Delaware.
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Could it impact my insurance?

It’s unlikely that a seat belt violation will cause your insurance premium to increase (on its own).
However, be aware that minor infractions can add up and alert your insurance company, which could result in a premium increase.
Not paying a ticket could also impact your credit score, which can increase your car insurance premiums in some states.

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