Does Safeco Offer Classic Car Insurance?

Safeco offers classic car insurance coverage for classic cars, modern limited production cars, and antique cars.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
Safeco offers a variety of coverage options for classic car insurance, including agreed value coverage, discounted limited use coverage, roadside assistance/emergency assistance, diminishing deductibles, and personal property coverage.
If you have an antique, classic, or modern classic limited production car, you might be eligible for Safeco classic car insurance. We’re here to talk about how classic car insurance coverage differs from a regular
car insurance
policy, how much Safeco classic car coverage might cost, and what kinds of cars are eligible.

Does Safeco Offer Classic Car Insurance?

Yes, Safeco Offers classic car insurance for many different types of classic cars, including antiques and modern classics.
However, there are some restrictions regarding your car’s eligibility for classic car insurance. Keep reading for more details!

What is classic car insurance coverage?

Classic car insurance coverage is a special type of policy that accommodates the needs of a classic car owner. Classic car insurance usually requires that the vehicle is only driven a limited number of miles each year—but in exchange, drivers enjoy a reduced premium rate. Because of this, a classic car insurance policy is great for owners who only drive their collector car on special occasions.
What’s more, a classic car insurance policy will involve a professional appraisal of your car’s value, rather than being based simply on its general fair market value. This is the agreed value, also referred to as the grand value, which is the payout you’ll receive from a claim if the car is deemed to be a total loss—without depreciation.
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How does Safeco classic car insurance coverage work?

Safeco classic car insurance coverage is based on the agreed (or grand) value of your car, and it comes with a limit of how many miles you can drive each year.
You can get a Safeco classic car insurance policy with the option of either regular use coverage or restricted use coverage. The regular use plan comes with an annual mileage limit of up to 10,000 miles per year, while the annual limit for restricted use is 5,000 miles. If you opt for restricted use coverage, your insurance will be discounted further.
You can also purchase optional coverage such as roadside or emergency assistance, which cover expenses such as emergency towing or jump starts. Also available is a
diminishing deductible
for collision coverage. Finally, you can opt for additional personal property coverage, which covers damages pertaining to personal belongings, tools, and/or spare parts stored in your car.
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How much does a Safeco classic car insurance policy cost?

Classic vehicle insurance can cost up to 50% less than a standard car insurance policy. On average, classic car insurance is 36% cheaper than a standard policy for a vehicle of similar value.
As far as the actual cost of your Safeco classic car insurance policy is concerned, it will vary significantly based on the agreed value of the vehicle in question.
If you want to get an extra discount on your Safeco classic car insurance premium, you can take an accident prevention course. These courses are offered primarily to drivers who are 55 years or older. You could also save extra money by bundling your classic car coverage with your Safeco
homeowners insurance

Who should get classic car insurance?

You should get classic car insurance if you have a collectible classic, antique, or modern classic car that you drive less than 10,000 miles per year. Anyone who has a car that is eligible for classic car insurance should get it, as it can get you significant savings, so long as you don’t need to drive it more than the annual mileage limit.
A classic car should be eligible as long as it is at least ten years old—and it also needs to actually be considered a classic by an appraiser! For example, American collectibles such as classic muscle cars should qualify. Limited production cars that are less than ten years old may also qualify as modern classics. Safeco also offers unique policies for antique cars, which must be at least 25 years old and must still be in original condition with no modifications.
Unfortunately for some, classic car insurance is often only offered to motorists with a
clean driving record
. Classic insurance may also be available to collectible motor vehicles such as motorcycles, historic military vehicles, tractors, and replica cars.
is so helpful! It turns out that Safeco offers me the best plan for my price range. I’m thankful for the extra income I’m saving with a better auto insurance policy.” —Lou C.
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Yes, classic car insurance rates are generally cheaper than standard car insurance rates for cars of similar value. Depending on your insurance agency, you could save 50% or more on your vehicle’s insurance if you get a classic car insurance policy.
says that a classic car must be “at least 10 years old,” while an antique auto must be “at least 25 years old and have no modifications or have been restored to [its] original condition.”
However, definitions of both of these terms will vary depending on who you ask. For example, not every car that is ten years old is going to be considered a classic. In order for a vehicle to be classified as a classic or an antique, it needs to be appraised as such, meaning you probably won’t be able to get classic car insurance for your 1999
Honda Civic
. If you’re wondering about vintage cars, this term is usually reserved for historic vehicles from around the 1920s.
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