4 Ways to Get Proof of Insurance From SafeAuto

SafeAuto can help you get proof of insurance even if you have a poor driving record—learn more here!
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Pat Roache
SafeAuto helps high-risk drivers gain
proof of insurance
when other providers might reject them. Insurance ID cards are easily accessible in SafeAuto’s mobile app or by contacting customer service.
Many insurance providers will charge you an exorbitant premium if you have a driving record littered with car accidents and traffic tickets. They may even outright decline to sell you coverage (especially if you have an
). Luckily, SafeAuto is an industry leader in offering fairly-priced
car insurance
to all drivers, regardless of their record.
So now that you have secured a policy with SafeAuto, let’s discuss how to access your proof of insurance and what situations will require you to have the documentation on hand.
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What counts as proof of insurance?

These days, there are plenty of ways to show proof of insurance either physically or digitally. But regardless of format, your proof of insurance will need the following information to count:
  • Vehicle details (make, model, VIN)
  • Effective date and expiration date
  • Policyholder information (drivers covered by the policy)
This is the standard information you’ll need to have readily available at a traffic stop or the scene of an accident. However, if you intend to have your day in court to fight a ticket, you may also need to bring your binder letter,
insurance declaration page
, or SR-22 certificate (if applicable). These documents contain detailed premium and coverage information that may need to be reviewed.
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How to obtain proof of insurance from SafeAuto

Here are the four ways that SafeAuto policyholders can obtain proof of insurance:
  1. Buy insurance: When you purchase or renew coverage with SafeAuto, they will send you a physical Insurance ID card in the mail.
  2. Replacement: You can request your proof of insurance to be e-mailed immediately by visiting the “Manage Policy” page or calling 1-800-SAFEAUTO (1-800-723-3288).
  3. Online: All of your detailed policy information can be found in your SafeAuto online account.
  4. Mobile app: The SafeAuto app gives all policyholders instant access to their digital insurance ID card.

When do you need to show proof of insurance?

SafeAuto is licensed in 22 states and markets its nonstandard insurance products to 19 of those states. However, it’s worth noting that
is the only state in the bunch that doesn’t have mandatory
minimum insurance requirements
Here are the most common reasons you’ll have to show proof of insurance in all of the states where SafeAuto is available:
  • Law enforcement: At any traffic stop, the police officer will ask for your driver’s license,
    vehicle registration
    , and proof of insurance or financial responsibility. You may be subject to fines and other penalties if you cannot present these documents. However, if you have insurance but don’t have proof, many states have a short grace period after the traffic stop for you to contact the police station and clear the air.
  • The DMV: To renew your vehicle’s registration, you’ll need to prove to the DMV that your car insurance policy is valid and active—otherwise, no license plate sticker for you! Virginia drivers can pay an annual uninsured motor vehicle fee of $500 if they choose not to have insurance.
  • Other drivers: After a car accident, you’ll need to exchange insurance information with the other involved drivers. If you’re
    at fault in a car accident
    , the other drivers will be able to file a
    bodily injury
    property damage
    claim with your SafeAuto insurance policy. The other drivers can also sue you if you don’t have enough liability coverage to pay for their expenses (which is why Virginia drivers should still strongly consider liability insurance).
  • Lenders: To qualify for a
    car loan
    , banks and dealerships typically require you to have
    collision coverage
    . So you’ll need to show proof!
  • Employers: If you drive for work, your employer may require you to validate that you have a certain amount of car insurance before hitting the road. They don’t want to be held legally responsible for any mistake you make while on company time.
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Yes, a PDF of your insurance ID card is perfectly acceptable. You can print one at any time by going to the “Manage Policy” page on your SafeAuto online account.
A physical copy of your insurance ID card is the best way to show proof of insurance. The SafeAuto mobile app is also a convenient solution, but you may be at the whims of your internet connection or phone battery. So if you’re relying on the app, consider downloading the digital insurance ID card directly onto your phone and always having a backup charger.
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