Progressive Snapshot vs Root Car Insurance

With Progressive Snapshot vs Root Car Insurance, Root helps you save, but if you don’t want your car insurance to be only usage-based, go for Progressive.
Written by Jacoba Bood
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
In terms of Progressive’s Snapshot vs Root Car Insurance, both are usage-based programs, but only Root Car Insurance bases its rates on your driving behavior alone.
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What is usage-based car insurance?

Usage-based telematics programs track your driving habits to take into account when calculating your insurance rates. Rather than relying solely on demographic categories to calculate your premiums — the idea is to base your rates on your actual driving behavior.
Almost all telematics programs will offer discounts for safe driving - but the way your rates are calculated will vary from program to program. Here’s a closer look at how the
Progressive Snapshot
and Root Car Insurance programs differ.

The Progressive Snapshot program

Snapshot is a usage-based program that Progressive customers can use to improve their driving and access policy discounts. Snapshot uses a mobile app to track your driving habits and calculate your new policy price. Participating in the Snapshot program is voluntary, but you could save money on your insurance policy when you enroll.
Progressive will give you about $25 for signing up—but your discount will depend on your driving performance. While the average driver will save about $130 for using the Snapshot program, you could end up paying more too. Risky drivers might see their premiums increase rather than decrease.
Progressive takes a handful of factors into account when determining your new insurance price. Snapshot will deduct from your score if it logs sudden changes in speed like fast accelerations and hard braking.
The program also takes the number of miles your drive into account, and you could get deducted for higher mileage. In some states, you can also lose points for using your phone while driving.
Key Takeaway Progressive Snapshot is a usage-based telematics program that uses your driving behavior, as well as personal and demographic information, into account when calculating your insurance rate.

How does root insurance track your driving?

Root Car Insurance isn’t just a telematics program — it is a fully usage-based insurance provider.
Most car insurance providers will first take personal and demographic factors into account and then deduct telematics discounts from there. Root Car insurance only uses your actual driving behavior to determine your premiums. The safer your driving, the more you can save on your premium. So, Root Insurance savings can be enormous.
Root Car Insurance advertises that drivers could save up to 52% off their policy price, but you will have to jump through some hoops to get started.
To get a cheap car insurance quote from root, you must first use the app for several weeks to see if you qualify. During this "test drive" period, Root will assess your driving habits to see if you meet their criteria as a driver. If you do, Root Car Insurance will send you a quote.
Key Takeaway You can't get a root insurance quote without test drive.

Progressive Snapshot vs Root Car Insurance? What’s better?

Progressive Snapshot can help you save on your premiums—but only Root Car Insurance bases your policy price on your driving alone. Snapshot is optional. You can still get your car insurance through Progressive even if you want to pass on the Snapshot program.
With Root Car Insurance, you will have to sign up for usage-based monitoring to get a quote.
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When Snapshot might be better

Snapshot is a good option for anybody who wants to give telematics a try without having to fully commit.
Participation in Snapshot is optional and your driving performance will only determine a portion of your rates. If you don’t score well or don’t like the program, it is easy to opt-out and go back to your standard policy.
Snapshot is also a good choice for drivers who don’t qualify for Root Car Insurance. You have to be an established Progressive customer to enroll in the program, but there are no driving-based qualification requirements to join.
Key Takeaway Snapshot is a great way to try a telematics program out, as your driving performance is just one factor that affects your overall rate.

When Root Car Insurance might be better

Root Car Insurance might help drivers save on their insurance if they currently pay high rates due to non-driving based variables.
For instance, most insurance providers consider drivers under 25 to be riskier drivers and will automatically increase premiums if you fall into this category.
By contrast, Root Car Insurance will only factor in your actual driving performance when determining your quote. The same goes for drivers who pay more because of bad credit.
Root Car Insurance might also help you save on your insurance costs regardless, but only if you are a safe driver and able to qualify. Since Root can be a hassle to sign up for, you can use the broker app
to shop around for cheap insurance before your commitment.
Key Takeaway Root Car Insurance only takes your driving behavior into account when determining your insurance rate, so it may be a good choice for drivers currently paying higher premiums due to their age or credit score.

How to find the best insurance rates

Telematics programs may help you save on your insurance - but there are no guarantees. The best policy is to make sure that you are already getting a reasonable rate before signing up.
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Frequently asked questions

Can Snapshot raise your insurance?

Yes. If you sign up for Snapshot, Progressive may raise your rates based on your driving habits.

Why is root insurance so cheap?

Root Insurance bases its rates solely on your actual driving behavior. You will have to meet their eligibility standards to qualify, but safe drivers get rewarded with cheap insurance rates.
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