Does Progressive Have Parked Car Insurance?

While Progressive doesn’t offer dedicated coverage for a parked car, a comprehensive-only policy will protect your stored car from damage.
Written by Kaitlin May
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Progressive doesn’t provide specific coverage for a parked car or vehicle in storage, but
comprehensive coverage
is the next best option. Even if you don’t drive often, your vehicle needs protection against theft and the elements, and comprehensive coverage will keep your wallet safe with Progressive.
Even if your trusty ride is off the roads and out of the way of potential harm, it’s still vulnerable to damage. From hit-and-run accidents to a storm-struck tree impaling your vehicle’s window, your stored car is still up against the elements. The good news is you can keep your car covered with the right insurance policy—even when it’s idle.
How do you know what coverage you need and when it’s worth buying? We’re here to break down everything about parked car insurance, the protection you can buy through Progressive, and how to update your Progressive policy. 
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Does Progressive offer parked car insurance?

Not exactly. There’s no dedicated coverage for a parked or stored car through
. However,
comprehensive coverage
is optional and protects your vehicle against damage that could impact it while it’s parked.
Adding comprehensive coverage to your auto policy will allow you to be reimbursed for weather-related damage, like wind, hail, tornadoes, and more. If your car is stored in a public garage, it will also be covered in the case of theft or vandalism.
Some auto insurance companies, like Progressive, offer the option to reduce your policy to comprehensive-only coverage for a car that’s in storage to lower your car insurance rate. Keep in mind that your lender might require you to maintain
full coverage
(both comprehensive and
coverage) even when your vehicle stays parked. 

What is parked car insurance cover?

Car insurance companies don’t typically offer dedicated coverage for cars parked long-term. Parked car insurance typically refers to the option to drop
liability coverage
and only carry comprehensive coverage for an idle vehicle.
Depending on your location, you might not be able to drop liability insurance to abide by your
state’s minimum coverage limits
. It’s also worth noting that comprehensive coverage comes with a deductible through Progressive, so a costly insurance claim is the only way to access that coverage. 
Here are the primary situations where comprehensive coverage would serve you well:
  • If your car is stolen or vandalized
  • If your car is damaged by hail or lightning
  • If you hit an animal while driving and sustain property damage

Do you need parked car insurance coverage?

If you’re restoring a classic car, keeping a vehicle in long-term storage, or storing a car at home, you might benefit from switching your policy to comprehensive-only coverage. 
Dropping liability coverage is only a good idea if you’re not going to take your parked vehicle on the road anytime soon. It’s also wise to add
uninsured motorist coverage
to your policy in case your parked car is hit on the street or in a parking garage during a hit-and-run accident. It’s an optional coverage add-on that allows you to file a claim even when the at-fault driver and their insurance information are nowhere to be found.

How much does comprehensive coverage cost with Progressive?

Whether you’re looking to get a new policy with Progressive or add to your existing one, your rates will depend on various factors, like your state, vehicle type, and driving history. Your car’s ​​actual cash value (ACV) holds the most weight in a comprehensive-only policy since that’s the maximum amount comprehensive coverage will pay out when your car is damaged.
A deductible for comprehensive coverage costs anywhere between $100 and $1,000, but Progressive offers a money-saving option called the Deductible Savings Bank. With this program, you can reduce your comprehensive car insurance deductible by $50 if you’re claim-free for six months

How to add comprehensive coverage to your Progressive car insurance policy

While you may not want your Progressive rate to increase, you’ll have much bigger bills to worry about if your parked car is damaged. To enhance your auto insurance policy with comprehensive coverage, you’ll simply need to
log in to your policy
online or call 1-866-731-8075 to get assistance from independent agents.
Once you have comprehensive coverage in your insurance toolbox, you can easily submit an auto insurance claim through the Progressive mobile app in the event of theft, vandalism, or an unexpected curbside collision. 
“My speeding ticket raised my insurance to $310/month.
got me full comprehensive coverage on two vehicles for $144/month through Progressive. I definitely recommend giving them a try.” —Brandon D.
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You can’t reduce your policy to comprehensive-only coverage for a leased or financed vehicle. Lenders require you to keep your car fully insured, so you’ll need to maintain a full-coverage policy if you don’t own it outright.
You can drive a car with comprehensive coverage, but only if you also have it covered with liability insurance. Your vehicle has to meet the state’s minimum coverage laws to be on the road, and a comprehensive-only policy won’t suffice.
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