Does Progressive Have a Multiple Car Discount?

Progressive offers a multi-car discount to policyholders and they can save an average of 12% off their insurance premium.
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offers a multi-car discount that helps policyholders save 12% on average. While the exact number of cars you can add varies, most major
car insurance
companies allow you to add up to four or five vehicles.

Does Progressive have a multi-car discount?

Progressive offers a multi-car discount, and on average, policyholders can see savings of up to 12% off their car insurance policy.
The discount applies to vehicles that belong to a spouse, family members and even roommates—so long as their car is kept primarily at your address, you can add up to four vehicles on your policy.
Keep in mind that in order to qualify for car insurance discounts, you will need a
full coverage policy
, generally complete with
comprehensive coverage
collision coverage

The benefits of a multi-car policy

In addition to car insurance discounts, a multi-vehicle policy actually comes with a few extra benefits:
: If you need to file an insurance claim that involves two cars (like a natural disaster damaging several vehicles), on the same policy, you’ll only have to pay one deductible, which can be a money saver.
One policy: With everything bundled in one place, you won’t have to worry about making (or missing) payments for multiple policies.
Insurance stacking
: Insurance stacking is when you combine
uninsured motorist
benefits so you can file multiple claims after an accident. It’s one of the best perks to multi-car insurance.
It’s important to note that Progressive auto insurance isn’t the only insurance provider to offer large multi-vehicle discounts. Other auto insurance companies that offer multi-vehicle discounts are:

The drawbacks of a multi-car policy

There are a few things to keep an eye on when you have multiple cars on your policy. For example, if someone on your policy drives a
classic car
or sports vehicle, you may actually see your auto insurance rates rise. The reason being there’s a substantial difference in premiums between luxury vehicles and standard cars.

Other ways to save with Progressive

Look for other driver discounts

Even if you decide to take advantage of the multi-car discount, Progressive customers can still save with a variety of
additional auto insurance discounts
A good place to start is the
Name Your Price tool
—an option that helps you find cheap car insurance based on your budget. All you do is plug in what you want to pay and the tool shows you quotes.
But there are a few other ways you can save on car insurance premiums as well:
Savings Description
Pay in full discount
Paying for your policy upfront will earn you a discount, but the exact rate will vary. 
Teen drivers or students 23 or younger can save an average of 10% with a good student discount if they maintain a B average or higher. 
Homeowner discount
You can save up to 10% on your car insurance policy simply for owning a home. Plus, the home does not have to be insured with Progressive. 
Progressive’s telematics program that monitors your driving habits in real-time. It rewards safe drivers with good driving records with a discount of $231 a year on average.
Multi-policy discount 
If you purchase more than one policy through Progressive, such as combining your auto insurance with home insurance or renters insurance, you can save an average of 5%.
If you have more than one vehicle on your auto policy, you can save up to 12% on your insurance premium.
Online quote discount
You will get an average discount of 7% if you go paperless with an online quote instead of calling an insurance agent. This discount applies even if a Progressive representative finalizes your policy over the phone.
Automatic payment discount
You can save by setting up autopay, but keep in mind that this discount cannot be combined with the pay-in-full discount. 
Most insurance providers offer good driving discounts for those who maintain a
clean driving record
for a specified amount of time.
Continuous insurance
If you keep continuous insurance with the same provider, you can earn savings on your car insurance.

Continue to shop for better coverage

Comparing coverage options from at least 2-5 providers can help you secure car insurance rates that make the most sense for you.
app screenshot
Jerry shops and compares quotes from dozens of providers, helping you secure lower rates and multi-car discounts that make the most sense for you.
The Jerry app will also auto reshop every six months to lets you know when a cheaper rate is available.
By continuously comparing prices—even after you sign a Progressive car insurance policy–you can stay on top of potential savings opportunities that can lower your overall costs.


Does Progressive give discounts for multiple cars?

Progressive does offer a discount on your policy if you add more than one car to it.

How much do you save with a multi-car discount from Progressive?

Progressive customers save an average of 12% when they add multiple vehicles onto one policy.

How many vehicles can you have on Progressive policy?

Progressive allows four vehicles per one auto insurance policy.

What is a multi-car discount?

A multi-car discount is offered to policyholders who insure more than one vehicle on their insurance policy with the same provider. The vehicles must all share the same residence, however.

What is the difference between multi-car discount and multi-policy discount?

A multi-car discount is for people who insure more than one vehicle on their policy with the same provider. A multi-policy discount is for people who have more than one insurance policy (like auto and homeowners) with one provider.

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