Pet Injury Coverage, Explained

Pet injury coverage is a part of some collision coverage policies and pays for injuries sustained by your pet in a car accident.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If your dog or cat rides in the car with you—whether for grocery runs, appointments, or cross-country road trips—and they are injured or die in a car accident, pet injury coverage will help cover those costs if it is included in your
collision coverage
. Pet injury coverage only covers injuries to your pet sustained in car accidents, and this is different from general pet insurance.
We hate to think about the possibility of losing our pets, but, unfortunately, this is one of those unpleasant scenarios for which responsible owners must prepare. If you frequently drive with your dog or cat in the car, you’ll need to look into your options for pet injury insurance, in case your furry companion gets hurt—or worse. 
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But before you choose your new policy, here’s what you should know about pet injury coverage.
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What is pet injury insurance?

Pet injury insurance is often included in collision coverage (or occasionally under
comprehensive coverage
) in your auto insurance plan, though this depends on your provider. It will reimburse you for a portion of the medical and veterinary costs for your pet's injuries
after a car accident
Pet injury coverage also often covers the cost of a new pet if your pet dies in a car accident
Of course, pet injury coverage comes with its restrictions. Some policies will cover your pet after injuries sustained in a car that isn’t covered by your plan, but many restrict their coverage to accidents in your own vehicle.
Additionally, pet injury coverage is usually limited to dogs and cats. Many insurers waive the deductible for pet injury coverage, but not all of them do. Ask your provider to be sure.
Key Takeaway Pet injury coverage only covers injuries or the death of your pet in a car accident, and it’s usually limited to accidents in the vehicle you have insured.

Auto insurers that provide pet injury coverage

A good number of auto insurers offer pet injury coverage, usually as a part of their collision coverage—here’s a rundown of which insurers provide this coverage.
Insurance company
Included in coverage?
Coverage details
Yes (Collision)
Pays up to $500 in vet bills for dogs injured or killed in a car accident—no matter the number of pets
Payable within one year of accident
Pays up to $2,000 if your dog is injured or dies in a car or trailer accident, including medical and burial coverage
No deductible
Cincinnati Insurance Co.
Yes (Auto Endorsement)
Up to $2,000 of pet injury coverage is included with Cincinnati’s Capstone Auto Endorsement
No deductible
Elephant Insurance
Yes (Collision)
Covers dogs and cats, up to $1,000 for vet bills and expenses if injured in car accident
Up to 2 pets covered
Erie Insurance
Up to $500/pet covered, with a total of $1,000 for medical costs
Available only in 12 states and D.C.
The Hanover
Up to $2,500 included for medical and burial costs for your pet if injured in car accident
No deductible
The Hartford
Yes (Collision)
Each policy covers one vehicle, so if you have three vehicles and want coverage for each, you must buy this coverage for each individual vehicle
Covers costs for injuries or death due to a car accident or cost of a new pet
No matter the number of pets, up to $1,000 per incident for injuries; benefit is capped at $3,000 per term for vet bills or cost of a new pet; in case you are also injured in an accident and can’t take care of your pet, $25 per day and up to $125 per term is covered for boarding
No deductible
If pet is missing and not found after an accident, $75 provided
Yes (Collision & comprehensive)
Up to $1,000 provided for vet bills and expenses if pet injured in car accident (whether your car or someone else’s); no limit on number of pets; $1,000 in death compensation minus any medical costs
No deductible
If car stolen and pet inside and not found, $1,000 offered in compensation
Yes (Collision)
Dogs and cats covered; up to $1,000 in treatment, medical costs for injuries suffered in car accidents; payout if pet dies in an accident
No deductible
No limit on number of animals covered
Yes (Collision)
Offers up to $1,000 for medical care for dogs and cats if injured in car accidents
Yes (Collision)
Coverage is provided for “reasonable” costs due to pet injuries sustained in car accident, either in your car or in a borrowed car
No deductible
Key Takeaway Many auto insurers offer pet injury coverage, but not all of them provide the same services or deductible requirements.

Pet injury coverage vs. pet insurance

Pet injury coverage only covers costs for injuries or death sustained in car accidents, while pet insurance covers more run-of-the-mill care costs, such as treatments and tests that your pet undergoes due to sickness or non-car-related injuries.
Some of the more common examples of what pet insurance covers are as follows:
  • Unexpected injuries or accidents (swallowing a bone, foreign object, etc)
  • Unexpected illness (cancer, hip dysplasia, glaucoma)
  • Surgery (cataracts, ligament tears)
  • Medications
  • Tests (X-rays, MRIs, etc)
  • Emergency examination fees 

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