Car Seat Laws in Oregon

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Car seat laws in Oregon are straightforward and are mostly based on your child’s weight. The 40-pound mark will impact what sort of restraint system they’ll need until they’re tall enough to wear seatbelts.
Oregon car seat laws are designed to protect children from bodily harm in the event of an accident. That’s why the car insurance broker and comparison shopping app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know to adhere to Oregon’s car seat laws.
Learn more about Oregon’s laws by reading on.
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What is the car seat law in Oregon?

In the state of Oregon, child passengers are required to be restrained in an approved child safety seat until they reach either 40 pounds or the maximum weight limit for the car seat in use.
While there is no law about keeping children in the rear seat, rear-facing car seats must be installed in the back seat in order to be considered properly used.
Once your child surpasses 40 pounds, they are allowed to use seatbelts in conjunction with a booster seat or a child seat with a harness. When they turn eight years old (or reach a height of 4’9”), they are permitted to only use seatbelts.
Key Takeaway In Oregon, children under 40 pounds need car seats and children over 40 pounds require booster seats.

What are the penalties for breaking the car seat law in Oregon?

Violations of Oregon’s car seat laws are considered Class D traffic infractions and are punishable by a minimum $115 fine.

Can breaking the car seat law impact my driving record?

Yes, breaking the car seat laws in Oregon will impact your driving record.
In the state of Oregon, driving with an unsecured or improperly secured child is considered a Class D violation, which is the lowest in terms of severity, but it will still impact your driving record.

How breaking car seat laws can impact insurance in Oregon

Class D violations are considered moving violations, even if they’re the least severe in Oregon’s classification system, and these violations may signal to your insurance carrier that you are a high-risk driver, which may result in your premiums going up.
Key Takeaway Violating car seat laws in Oregon is considered a Class D Violation and can impact your insurance.
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