Nevada Restricted License

Nevada offers learner permits to first-time drivers and restricted licenses to residents with special circumstances, suspended licenses, or revoked licenses.
Written by Nathan Porceng
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
has two types of limited licenses:
learner’s permits
for first-time drivers, and restricted licenses for teens undergoing peculiar hardship or older
high-risk drivers
who have had their license
or revoked.
Are you a high school student longing to drive for the first time? Are you a juvenile living in a rural area who needs to take a family member to medical appointments? Are you an adult driver with a suspended license and no way to get to work?
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’s guide to limited licenses and restricted licenses in Nevada. Jerry, the
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What is a limited license in Nevada?

There are two types of limited licenses available to Nevada drivers:
  • Learner’s permits: New drivers aged 15 and a half and older can obtain a permit to drive under adult supervision.
  • Restricted license: Nevada drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked and unlicensed teens experiencing extreme hardship may apply to drive with a restricted license.

How to get a Nevada learner’s permit

To get a learner's permit in Nevada, you must be at least 15 and a half years old and complete the following steps:
  • Gather documents proving your name, date of birth, Nevada address, and Social Security number
  • Make an appointment at a
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
    (DMV) office
  • Pay a $22.25 licensing fee and a $25 testing fee
  • Pass the written and vision tests
Homeless youths under the age of 25 may have their licensing fees waived.

Restrictions on a Nevada learner’s permit

While driving with a learner’s permit, you must have a licensed driver age 21 or older seated next to you at all times. 
To be eligible for a regular driver’s license, you must complete 50 hours of supervised driving. 10 of those hours must be at night. You must also complete a driver’s education course.
If driver’s education courses are not offered within 30 miles of your residence, and you do not wish to take a course online, you must complete 100 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which must be at night.
Nevada learner’s permits are valid for one year. If your learner’s permit expires, you must reapply at a DMV office.

How to get a Nevada restricted license

Nevada is a large, spacious state with a low population density. In many places, getting around without a car is impossible. The Nevada state government recognizes this, which is why underage teens and drivers with suspended or revoked licenses may apply for a restricted license. 
To obtain a restricted license, you must complete an
application form
and meet one of the following eligibility requirements:
  • You are a juvenile living in a rural area that needs to drive yourself or a family member to school or medical appointments
  • You have had your license suspended or revoked and have served at least half of your withdrawal period
  • You have been ordered by a court to participate in Nevada’s 24/7 Sobriety and Drug Monitoring Program
If you intend on using your restricted license to drive to work, your employer must complete a section on your application attesting to your employment. A physician’s statement is required if driving for medical purposes.
You may need to pass written, vision, and driving examinations to obtain your restricted license. You may also need to pay a reinstatement fee.

Restrictions on a Nevada restricted license

You cannot use a restricted license for commercial driving purposes, to seek employment, or to attend public school in Carson City, Clark, Douglas, or Washoe Counties. You may only drive between your residence and specific locations designated by the state.
Basically, in your application, you will state between which locations you plan on driving. If approved, you can only drive between those locations.
You may have your restricted license revoked if you commit a traffic violation, fail to notify the DMV of a change in address or employment, or fail to comply with a court-mandated drug or alcohol program.

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