How to Get Proof of Insurance From National General

Whether you’ve lost your National General insurance card or you haven’t received it, you can find proof of insurance online or via the NatGen mobile app.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Alita Dark
When you purchase an auto insurance policy from National General, you’ll get immediate access to your digital insurance cards online and through the NatGen mobile app. Your digital card qualifies as
proof of insurance
in almost every state and can be used until (and after) you receive your physical card via mail.
Almost every state requires drivers to not only purchase
car insurance
but also to carry proof of insurance with them anytime they’re driving. If you have a policy with National General (NatGen) and you’re unsure what counts as proof of insurance or how to get your hands on it, this guide is for you. Read on to find out how to access both physical and digital proofs of insurance through NatGen.

What counts as proof of insurance?

Generally, when we talk about proof of insurance, we’re talking about the insurance identification card issued by your provider when you purchase a new policy. This is what you should have with you anytime you’re driving.
Though your insurance ID card is usually what people mean when they say “proof of insurance,” there are two other documents that also count. In addition to your ID card, you’ll also receive a
car insurance declaration page
when you purchase your new auto policy. This page includes all the information about your new policy, including your
policy number
, limits, deductibles, premiums, and any
car insurance discounts
you’ve qualified for. 
Finally, you have the option to request an insurance binder if you need more tangible proof of insurance while you wait for your physical ID card to arrive. You’ll likely only need this if you need to prove you have insurance in court. 
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How to obtain proof of insurance from National General

Here’s how to get a copy of your insurance information from National General: 
  1. Online: Whether you’ve just set up your policy or you’ve been a customer for years, you can download and print a set of insurance cards at
    . Simply click “Get ID Cards.” 
  2. By mail: Whether you pay monthly, bi-annually, or annually, each time your policy re-ups, you’ll be sent a new set of insurance cards in the mail. You can also have a new set of insurance cards sent to you by mail if you’ve lost yours by clicking “Get ID Cards” on NatGen’s website.
  3. Via the mobile app: You can access your digital insurance card at any time via the NatGen mobile app for
    devices. Digital insurance cards are accepted as proof of insurance in every state except
    New Mexico

When do you need to show proof of insurance?

With the exception of
New Hampshire
and Massachusetts, every state requires drivers to carry proof of insurance anytime they’re behind the wheel. In Massachusetts, your insurance information is already printed on your
vehicle registration
, and in New Hampshire, insurance isn’t required at all. In those other 48 states, you may need to present proof of insurance to:
  • Law enforcement if you’re pulled over. If you’re caught
    driving without car insurance
    , you’ll face steep fines and fees. The only way around them is to prove you were adequately insured at the time of the traffic stop and you just didn’t have the proof on hand. 
  • The DMV for vehicle registration. 
  • Other drivers following an accident. If you’re
    at fault in a car accident
    , the other drivers will need to see your insurance card to get the information needed to file a claim on your policy with National General.
  • Lenders when applying for a
    car loan
    or to
    lease a car
  • Employers if your job involves driving.
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Yes—as long as it’s a PDF of your insurance card and you don’t live in New Mexico, a PDF will serve as sufficient proof.
Your physical insurance ID card is the best way to show proof of insurance. However, most states also allow you to provide proof of insurance using your provider’s mobile app.
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