What is Multi-line Insurance?

By bundling multiple policies with the same insurer, you may qualify for a multi-line discount! Learn more here.
Written by Brittni Brinn
Reviewed by Pat Roache
Mutli-line insurance can be beneficial for both insurance providers and customers. By bundling multiple policies together, you’ll only have to deal with one set of paperwork and can qualify for a discount.
Have you ever gotten an offer to bundle your
home insurance
car insurance
with your provider? How about adding your RV to your auto insurance policy? Depending on your insurance company, going the multiline route can help you save on your monthly premiums.
But are there drawbacks to bundling home and auto insurance or other types of policies together? Here’s an overview of what multiline insurance is, the advantages and disadvantages of bundling your policies, and how to get multiline insurance from your current or a new provider.

What is multiline insurance?

A multiline insurance contract bundles different assets and covers them under a single plan. You may also have heard it called a multi-policy plan or bundling your coverage. Depending on your provider, you can buy everything from home and auto coverage to motorcycle and boat policies and include them in the same insurance contract.
You can look into a multiline insurance agency for personal coverage or commercial use if you are a business owner or have work-related assets. Personal insurance may bundle policies like car, home, renters, and even life insurance. Commercial insurance bundles can include loss of life, theft, and IP theft coverage.
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Advantages of multiline insurance contracts

Why do some insurance providers have multiline insurance plans? For one thing, it makes managing your policy easier for your insurer—all of the risk is consolidated in one contract, resulting in less paperwork and fewer phone calls to renew and update your insurance coverage. It also provides financial wiggle room to optimize their insurance offerings and makes claim payouts less of a strain on their overall capital. 
For policyholders, multiline insurance offers three major benefits:
  • Eligibility for multi-policy discounts
  • Convenience of having all insured assets covered under the same plan
  • Higher customer satisfaction with insurance coverage on average
A multi-line discount is a clear benefit of bundling your insurance products together. On average, you’ll see savings of around 16%, depending on your state of residence.
The amount you can save on your multiline insurance will also depend on your provider.
customers can get up to 35% off by bundling two or more insurance products.
State Farm
provides a steady 15% discount, while
offers up to 26% savings. Bundling auto insurance with home insurance is usually the best combo, offering discounts between 5% and 25%.
Another advantage of multiline insurance is customer service. Your insurance products will all be included in one bill, and you’ll have one insurance agent for all of your coverage. Instead of dealing with three or more separate letters, calls, and bills when it’s time to renew, you can take care of everything at once—less stress and more savings make for satisfied customers!
However, it’s not all good news—like most things, there are a few potential drawbacks to be aware of when considering multiline insurance. For one thing, your insurer may not specialize in an area of coverage they offer, which might make filing a claim in that secondary coverage more of a struggle.

How to get a multi-line insurance policy

To get a multi-line insurance policy, consider which providers offer bundling and which ones might include a discount! As with any insurance, your premium with a multi-line policy will depend on your driving history, age, assets you are insuring, and more. So make sure you shop around for the best insurance quote to find the best deal.
Here are a few examples of major insurance companies that offer bundling, and which policies you can combine with your auto policy:
  • Geico
    : Condo, renters, homeowners, mobile home
  • State Farm: Condo, farm, health, life, renters, homeowners
  • Allstate: Condo, life, renters, homeowners, umbrella
  • Progressive
    : Condo, boat, renters, homeowners, motorcycle, mobile home, snowmobile, umbrella
Some providers will split their offered multiline options into three categories: dwelling/property insurance, secondary vehicles, and umbrella plans. Make sure you ask your insurance broker about which policies you’re interested in bundling and if you qualify for a multi-line discount!
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The kind of policies you can bundle with your auto insurance will depend on the provider. Larger companies may offer homeowners, life, condo, RV, boat, motorcycle, umbrella, and renters insurance bundling options. If you own a small business, there may be additional real estate, professional liability, and other coverages you can bundle!
Not all providers will offer a multi-line discount even if they provide bundling as an option. Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive are a few examples of insurance companies that offer a multi-line discount for bundling multiple insurance products.
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